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HELP Jamaica! Charity Calendar 2016

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Cover Christmas soon come….
Get your perfect Christmas gift!

Give out the calendar to somebody as a present and make a donation towards HELP Jamaica! at the same time!

Due to the great response we once again teamed up with the ‘International Reggae Poster Contest′. The 2016 calendar features 12 magnificent and contest winning poster artworks by graphic designers from all over the world.

Cover Infopage January February March April

May June July August September October

November December








High quality calendar, 14 pages (size: DIN A3) offset-printed. Carefully shrink-wrapped in transparent foil and delivered in special cardboard-box to protect and ensure secure shipment!

Make sure to order your copies from early! The limited edition gained fans from all over the world and turned into a collectors-item already…

So do not wait with your order and secure your first Christmas gift(s) from early – before the year to year hustle starts and this offer is gone!

Big Up & Thanks to the International Reggae Poster Contest and all the graphic designers who contributed their stunning artworks free of costs towards the good cause! The 2016 HELP Jamaica! Charity Calendar would not have been possible without the generous encouragement and support of all these people! Thanks a lot!


New Spanish course added to the program

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spanish Thanks to Ms. Harris (Volunteer Teacher) we now have weekly Spanish courses for Adults.

The Spanish class (Basic Spanish) will be held every Tuesday at 4.15 p.m. until 5.00 the Education Center.



Persons registered for our morning Computer classes are all interested and are taking part, this is a perfect fit, as a second language is a great addition to any career.

Million thanks to Ms Harris in the name of the entire HELP Jamaica! Team and all the students.


Straight Outta Jamaica / Shirt & Bagpack

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shirt_preview Get a shirt, support & represent Jamaica.
The best is that you can literally PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT and it comes with a HELP Jamaica! Button/Pin included if you donate a little something!

Starting at only 10 EUR!!  Get your shirt here

The more you give, the more we get! 100% of the proceeds are going towards HELP Jamaica!



Since we liked the idea and style of the -Straight Outta Jamaica- slogan so much, we produced this Bagpack (100% Cotton) in strong yellow and green colour. A real eye catcher!

Available in our own online shop.

So do not hesitate – get your shirt and/or bagpack, support and represent!


HELP Jamaica! and Rotary Club joining forces to spread free CXC classes all over Jamaica.

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rotary_tile One of the most popular offers at the Center are the daily CSEC-CXC Preparation Courses in the evenings, with more than 243 adults enrolled presently; studying Mathematics, English and Social Studies. CXC (Carribean Examination Council) certificates open a wide field of job opportunities as it is a Caribbean wide accepted examination.

The popularity and overcrowding of our free CXC preparation classes for adults and students at the Center verifies the high demand and necessity of these courses in inner-city communities.

That is why we are now trying to give the opportunity to more and more communities across Jamaica.

This is a milestone for HELP Jamaica! as we always wanted to spread free educational programs into communities all over the island and not only serve for one community and its surrounding.

With the support of the Rotary Club of Palatine, Illinois (USA) as a generous donor we made a first step in September 2015 and started to offer CXC preparation classes in the community of Bushy Park, St. Catherine. 

We partnered with the Spring Village Development Foundation as the local host for the daily courses. More than 200 (!) persons signed in for the English and Math Classes in Spring Village. Due to the high number of enrollment – classes were divided into basic and advanced level and waiting lists for next classes to start in the future are already opened.

Just as in Cassava Piece at our own Education Center, the high demand and popularity of these educational programs is just overwhelming and testifies to the urgent needs.

With more supporters to join the initiative we are aiming to spread free CXC preparation classes island wide!

If you want to support your community with free CXC courses – get in touch with us.



Jam-packed Orientation Day 2015

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orientation_square On Monday September 7th we held our Orientation Day at the HELP Jamaica! Education Center in Cassava Piece for the new school term starting.

It was very well attended with people standing in all corners, as it is the chance to get enrolled in the different CXC preparation courses and the Basic Computer Training Courses (HEART certified).

See the many lists with persons who whish to enroll in the different programs and you’ll understand the high demand and importance of our free CXC program and the Computer Courses!



Once again we have to big up our volunteer teachers, without their dedicated work each and every day – we couldn’t run the adult education program at our Center!


Impressive CXC Examination results

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August 2015 CXC_results

First of all we have to big up all our Volunteer Teachers for their dedicated work at the Center, without them we could not offer our daily CXC preparation (Carribean Examinations Council) courses for students and adults!

It is only because of these dedicated persons and their tireless teaching efforts that we are able to congratulate 21 persons from our free CXC preparation courses who passed their CXC Examinations in 27 subjects (some did more than one subject!).



The Festival Season 2015

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The Festival Season started with the Summerjam Festival in Cologne – we give thanks for the support over the past years. Once more the Festival was collecting for HELP Jamaica! at the guestlist and donated the amount of 1425,65 EUR.

reggaejam2015 The next Festival was the Reggae Jam Festival in Bersenbrueck which not only collected at the guestlist as usual and donated 1385,91 EUR, but gave us the chance to collect deposit cups and organise a very successful tombola/raffle on the mainstage. This year the Reggae Jam also helped us to raise awareness by having a new ‘HELP Jamaica! Beach Club’ area in front of the dancehall-tent. Unfortunately the Festival was hit and interrupted by a major storm this year, causing the new area to shut down from Saturday morning due to security issues – but the HELP Jamaica! team and our info-tent survived the storm and apart from the weather it was another great weekend full of family vibes.

geel2015 With the Festival Season being in full swing, just the following weekend it was the Reggae Geel Festival.
Reggae Geel is the biggest and one of the oldest Reggae Festival in Europe (founded 1978!) and a strong HELP Jamaica! supporter for the last two years!  We set up our info-tent and spreaded our banners and posters all over the place! Backstage, Front Stage, Dancehall Tent. Chairman and Co-Founder Hilmar Keding did a interview on stage, explaining the project and raising awareness for HELP Jamaica!

geel2015_2 The Festival collected at the guestlist and gave us percentage of the selling of the Marley’s Mellow Mood Drinks on the Festival ground on top, donating a very generous overall sum of 4500,- EUR towards HELP Jamaica! Big Up, absolutely great Festival, full of vibes and support! We already counting days, looking forward to next years staging!

Million thanks from the HELP Jamaica! team to all three Festivals. We could not do the work in Kingston without strong and dedicated supporters like you!


Summer 2015 (long overdue update)

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Sorry for not keeping the site updated during the summer, but our (very) small team is working busy all the time. We do not sleep, but we hardly find time to do the necessary updates on the website to put our work on display.

Please keep in mind HELP Jamaica! is only a few persons strong – small but dedicated. We do our very best and feel the project is coming along very succesful and effective, but we do apologize same time for making priorities which are causing the very few website updates. 

Follow us on Facebook (for more frequently updates) and Instagram (for more pictures)

So with that being explained, let me just summarize some of the highlights and happenings at HELP Jamaicat during the Summer Season 2015 with a few words and pictures.

Nesbeth On Friday May 29th the last day of ‘Child Month’ we welcomed recording artist Nesbeth on his ‘Each One Reach One’ Youth Tour to the Center to entertain and uplift the children.

craft_workshop On June 3rd we held a Craft Workshop at the Education Center in cooperation with the Jamaican Tourist Board and the Social Development Commission (SDC). We had about 30 Persons from the community attending and learning a new skill – how to make jewellery, earrings etc. out of coconut shells.

gsat June is always GSAT time (Grade Six Achievement Test). We were able to congratulate 12 children who passed their GSAT test successfully! The photo shows four of them wearing a proud smile! Congrats!

Before the Summer School Program started we celebrated the last day of the school term with ice cream and our friend the clown to put some smile (and colour) on the childrens faces. They joy was great and the children even got more excited when they were suprised by recording artist Marcia Griffith joining the afternoon to give away school bags for the children.



During our daily Summer School program in the months of July & August we made a visit to the CVSS Games at the University of the West Indies UWI were the children took part in the various competitions, winning medals, new friends and enjoying a bus trip out of the normal day to day routine. In one word: Excitement.

cvss_games2015 singing_songwriting_square-Kopie






At the Center we offered various activities such as a First Aid Workshop, Drumming- Singing- and Songwriting Workshops, Art & Craft Workshop, Quizzes, Ring Games, Football and much more.

summer_school1 summer_school2


Thanks to all supporters who donated towards our crowdfunding-fundraiser and made the Summer School program possible!


Crowdfunding Campaign for our Summer School Program

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crowdfunding_indiegogo-kopie4 Since last years crowdfunding campaign on the popular crowdfunding platform Indiegogo was a success and helped us to offer the children some exciting activities and workshops during the 2 month duration of our Summer School Program 2014, we want to try it again and did set up a new campaign for 2015.

Big up and thanks in the name of all the benefiting children and the entire HELP Jamaica! Team to all who donated towards last years campaign and made it possible – we hope you will consider to support this years campaign again!

During the summer vacations there are not many opportunities for the children of inner city communities to take part in exciting and recreational activities due to lack of funds or options. In the last three years we therefore founded our ‘Summer School’ program where we offer possibilities for the children and youths to enjoy some exciting pursuits. While during the school terms our focus is mainly on educational programs and homework tutoring, the emphasis during the holidays is on handcraft, sports, fun and games as well as musical activities.

See all details about the project, its aims and goals and the offered program we seek to finance on Indiegogo’s website.

fun music sports


If everybody gives a little we will be able to ensure that the children can spend another exciting summer in our center.

Please make a donation and share this post. As they say in Jamaica “One one cocoa full basket” – every little bit helps.
Your support is very much appreciated!

Even if you can’t spare a dime – you could still help us if you spread the link to our crowdfunding campaign amongst your friends in your social media channels.  Please support us in our work according to our motto: Education for a Change!


Celebrating National Children’s Day

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Last Friday, May 15, 2015 the HELP Jamaica! Education Center celebrated National Children’s Day. This day also coincided within Child Month which is taking place during the month of May.

The Theme for this year for Child Month is “Children Safety and Security – Our Priority”
We welcomed Mr. Francois Chalifour, Vice President of Marketing at Wisynco and his son as special guests at the Education Center.  Mr. Chalifour spoke to approximately 85 children who were in attendance. His topic was on “Strangers” and who are “Safe Strangers” and the dangers brought by persons who try to persuade children to do something,  like persons offering  candies to children, Drivers offering a lift/drive, wanting to give money to children, and those who encourage children to lie.  All of these were NO, NO, NO.

A_IMG_1277 A_IMG_1276

In addition to that, the children and visitors (amongst them were recording artist Yung J.R. and his brother Adoney Reid) were entertained by Faya and Company of the Kingston Drummers and Jason the Clown.  There was face painting and a drumming workshop in place, ring games got played and refreshments were served to the children

Face Painting Ring Games

A_IMG_2407 A_IMG_2431

It was an enlightening  and exciting afternoon for everyone at the Education Center, especially those children who never experienced association with a clown before or never had their face painted yet.

See the full Picture Gallery…