Reggae Jam Promoter ‘Sheriff’ visits Education Center

// January 25th, 2013 //

sheriff_brite_web Since the foundation of HELP Jamaica! Bernd Lagemann aka Sheriff from Bersenbrück has supported the association and its projects in many ways. His popular Reggae Jam festival in Northern Germany helped  to promote our mission and inform many people about the work we do by offering us an info booth at the annual event and spreading the word. Additionally the great supporter and his team not only provided the chance to collect money through deposit cups on the festival site but also donated the very generous sum of 10.000,- (!) Euro to the organization over the years.

Finally Bernd Lagemann, and two members of the Reggae Jam team got the chance to personally visit the Education Center in Cassava Piece, the institution they helped to develope. With great joy the kids welcomed the distinguished guests from Germany on January 22. After a little tour the group gathered in the backyard to have some fun. Not only the team at the Center was happy to welcome Bernd and his friends, he also enjoyed the visit and was impressed by the works.




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