Crowdfunding Campaign for our Summer School Program

// May 27th, 2015 //

crowdfunding_indiegogo-kopie4 Since last years crowdfunding campaign on the popular crowdfunding platform Indiegogo was a success and helped us to offer the children some exciting activities and workshops during the 2 month duration of our Summer School Program 2014, we want to try it again and did set up a new campaign for 2015.

Big up and thanks in the name of all the benefiting children and the entire HELP Jamaica! Team to all who donated towards last years campaign and made it possible – we hope you will consider to support this years campaign again!

During the summer vacations there are not many opportunities for the children of inner city communities to take part in exciting and recreational activities due to lack of funds or options. In the last three years we therefore founded our ‘Summer School’ program where we offer possibilities for the children and youths to enjoy some exciting pursuits. While during the school terms our focus is mainly on educational programs and homework tutoring, the emphasis during the holidays is on handcraft, sports, fun and games as well as musical activities.

See all details about the project, its aims and goals and the offered program we seek to finance on Indiegogo’s website.

fun music sports


If everybody gives a little we will be able to ensure that the children can spend another exciting summer in our center.

Please make a donation and share this post. As they say in Jamaica “One one cocoa full basket” – every little bit helps.
Your support is very much appreciated!

Even if you can’t spare a dime – you could still help us if you spread the link to our crowdfunding campaign amongst your friends in your social media channels.  Please support us in our work according to our motto: Education for a Change!


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