Activities & Events 2011

The 2012 HELP Jamaica! Charity Calendar

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100% of all revenues from selling this calendar will be used to finance the running costs and expenses, salaries, material and utility bills at our Education Center in Cassava Piece, Kingston.

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Volunteers Review: Eva’s first month at the Center

The HELP Jamaica! Education Center, Cassava Piece I arrived here in Jamaica on September 9th 2011 in the evening. Nadia, Mr Palmer, Tamar and Phiona picked me up from the airport. I was excited what would happen to me. I thougt about some crazy things, like, will I understand Patois, how are the people in my yard, will the kids in the centre like me and how is the work there?

Well, the question about the people in the yard was ‘anwered’ on the same evening. Terry, Kevin and Andre (and all the neighbours) are so friendly and lovely to me, like a real family – since the first time I met them.

The “Patois Problem” is not a real problem, just if people talk too fast I understand nothing, but it becomes better and better every day.

My first day in the Center was on the Tuesday after my arriving. My welcome was so incredible. I started to help the kids with their homework first, then I read books and learned the very famous Ring Games.  The first impressions were exiting, exhausting but wonderful.

Eva with kids at the Center Homwork Assistance Ring Games Story Time

Tamar´s Art course happens every Thursday, he teaches for example to draw disney figures like Bambi, Winnie Pooh and Snow White and also how to draw faces and other things. After the first time I was a part in the course I got about 10 pictures from the kids, to hang them up in my room.

Drama Class in action Drama Class

The Drama Course on Wednesday is also a really big thing and a good opportunity to learn something about acting.

Click here for a short video of the drama course rehearsing one of their plays.

In my opinion nearly the most important thing in the afternoon is helping the kids and youth with their homework. A lot of the kids have serious problems with writing and reading.

The Reading part, however, is the main aspect everyday. I´ve never seen such an enormous interest in books before, like I see in the HELP Jamaica Education Centre. And it makes me happy to see that you can change so many things by reading books.

Books, Books, Books Dinosaurs! Excitement Reading Time

Saturday three weeks ago Mr Palmer, Caty; about eight kids and me went to a exhibtion at the University of the West Indies about ‘Modern Life in Germany’. They displayed a lot of typical german things like typical food, lifestyle and culture.

Eva with kids at the Center The Group had to answer 20 Questions about Germany during the visit German food - the famous 'Bretzel' Trip to 'Germany' Exhibition @ UWI

Yesterday we visited a Musical called “Father Ho Lung & Friends present Acts of the Apostels” at the National Stadium in Kingston. Tamar, Daren, three kids and me had the great opportunity to see this great show.

Group Picture @ National Stadium Trip to the Musical @ National Stadium The musical

In my free time I do lots of trips, like a weekend in Portland, visiting places in Kingston, for example the Devon House or the nearby beaches. And of course I enjoy the really good dances, I just say Weddy Weddy Wednesdays , and the relaxing time in my yard in Cassava Piece.

At the end of my first month of volunteering, I just can say, I´m so happy and proud that I can be a part of HELP Jamaica! BIG RESPECT to Mr. Palmer, Daren, Tamar, Nicardo, Soyini and all the other Volunteers, you do a amazing job! Thanks for everything so far!!!! I am looking forward to the next 2 months at the HELP Jamaica! Education Center in Cassava Piece!

Construction Collage

That is how it all started – construction stage 2010 @ the HELP Jamaica! Education Center, Cassava Piece.


An ambitious project started in 2010 and only with the untiring hard work and true dedication of all those who shared the vision of creating a place of hope and change in the community, the dream could become reality!

Big up to the whole team and each and everybody who is supporting this project!
Together we did make a change already!


Message from the Education Manager – Start of the new school year

Welcome back!  To all our new/old children from the Cassava Piece Community now taking part in all the activities at the center. Our summer session was indeed fun and educational. We said good bye to Stephani and Sara from the States and Sara, Amy, Robin and Ed from Scotland/England and the youth volunteers.

The 2011 – 2012 school year is already proving to be a special year. We have put all plans in place for the new and old children. Additional volunteer locally and internationally have already fall in line to visit and assist in our breathtaking work here at the HELP Jamaica! Education Center. Our newest international volunteer from Germany Eva is already experience the unbelievable joy of what it is like to work with children from Cassava Piece, Kingston. Lori, Wendy and Anne from the British High Commission office are now doing one day a week and is loving each and every second they spend here with the children.
We are so proud of the different courses we offer here at the center. Our class sizes have only double in the second week of September 2011 as more adults and teens are now hearing about the different programme and courses that we offer.

We welcome all our new teaching volunteers for the course as they have contributed tremendous to this wonderful project over the past two weeks. Ms. Wanliss our English teacher and a gifted poet and story writer have proved herself to be committed to HELP Jamaica! and she spends hours here daily reading to children. Mr. Morrison and Ms. Miller joined our team and are two young gifted people from the community of Cassava Piece and are now trained educators. They want to contribute to their community development and what better way to do so but through the HELP Jamaica! Education Center.

Check the latest pictures from the HELP Jamaica! Education Center

Unfortunately we are short on funding in an attempt to utilise our space outside for an additional classroom to enhance our teaching, learning environment and also to accommodate more person to free education at HELP Jamaica! Education Center.

My focus for the rest of the year will be to familiarise myself with the shareholders, workers, community members, parents, volunteers, teachers, students and parents with a view to strengthening community relationship and problem solving abilities and teaching and learning in the HELP Jamaica! Education Center.  I will spend the first two months evaluating the classes, some individual/group assessment of children within the community to see where to start in ensuring that no child will be left behind. I also want do some field work in the Cassava Piece community talking, sharing, drinking on the corner, and playing a game of football with residents, visiting the different churches in the surrounding areas in an effort to capitalise on our strengths in Cassava Piece and way forward. I anticipate spending a lot of time in the community to observe firsthand will assist us on the needs/wants of the neighbourhood.

My new approach to my team members is to have and offer more in-house professional development/course available for the workers. I would also appreciate your feedback/suggestion/ideas via email, phone calls or even meetings if you have the time.

Volunteer’s review about their time at the Center

Reading sessions in the garden
We want to share an e-mail we just received from two volunteers from California (Stephanie & Sara) after they returned home from volunteering three months at the HELP Jamaica! Education Center in Cassava Piece.
“I also wanted to attempt to express our unending thanks for allowing us to come volunteer with HELP  Jamaica!. We only contacted you about a month before Sara and I were set to arrive in Kingston… and who knew how wonderfully it would work out!

After our first day at the Center, Sara and I came home and she immediately said “That was amazing! This is what I came for.” After that first day, everything fell into place. All the staff at the Center helped us get through any issues we had, personally checking with us to make sure that everything in our lives were going well. We formed close bonds with the staffers and regular volunteers like Maja and Susann, making each volunteer day a joy. Sara and I were talking about everything, reminiscing about the fun times at the Center, and we wondered why we only came four days a week? By the time Sunday rolled around we would be complaining about how we missed the kids anyways and not wanting to wait until Tuesday. Haha, I guess it allowed us to see the rest of Jamaica, and make the informed decision that 5 Cassava Piece Rd, Kgn 8  is the best place on the island!

Our best memories in Jamaica are when we would walk through the gate at 2:00pm and hear the students yelling our names in excitement for what the day held. Hugs were given as many times as wanted, because nothing beats them and we knew we would be missing them once we had to return home.  Hille, Brite, Jannika, and Nadia have been wonderful support as well. I have never worked with an organization that had such a dedicated Board of Directors, checking in with us at 10pm German time just to make that connection and thank us for our help. You all are truely devoted and have started a wonderful organization. It is sad to think that Sara and I left over two weeks ago, but each week that passes means we are closer to coming back. Mr. Palmer has been teasing us with little updates here and there, only renewing our excitement to return! We look forward to seeing all the students, staff, and volunteers again, plan more fun summer activities, and hopefully meet you all in person!

Big Up and much respect for all the hard work!”

Stephanie and Sara

Pictures from Stephanie & Sara


Reggae Jam Festival 2011 – record breaking fundraiser

reggaejam_logo2 Once again, the Reggae Jam Festival in Bersenbrück left us speechless! The festival was such a joy and additionally a really great success for HELP Jamaica! Millions of thanks to Sheriff, the promoter, for a donation of another 5.000,- €!!!

You believed in us and our idea from the start and it makes us proud that with the support of people like you, we opened the Education Center in Cassava Piece this year February! Big up to the whole Reggae Jam family! It is a pleasure working with you, your hospitality and support knows no borders!

Big up Ganjaman and Mattia (Warrior Sound) for promoting us continually on the stage. Big up Ephraim Juda for collecting donations during the set! We wish to thank the Nippes Yard Productions and Reggaeville video teams and all photographers who helped and donated their time, all artists and sounds who showed interest and promised their support and took part in our video clip, the Reggae Jam security-crew who respected and supported our work backstage and of course all the people who supported HELP Jamaica! with their donations, their cups, by purchasing a Skank ’Gullyside College’ Shirt and with heir encouragement and compliments! Thank you all – it is good to know that so many wonderful people share our vision! Together we can really make it! Education for a Change!

Due to the cooperation with the Reggae Jam and all the great opportunities they offered us, we were able to additionally fundraise 5.100,- € by collecting the deposit (beer) cups, by cash donations and at our info-booth on the festival ground. The HELP Jamaica!-team says big up and thanks to Sheriff and the whole Reggae Jam Family for the ‘unbelievable’ amount of more than 10.000,- €!!

HELP Jamaica! @ Reggae Jam 2011 – Impressions


Message from the Education Manager – The Summer Program

Mr Palmer, Educational Manager of the center There are some opportunities that come only once in a lifetime. For me, one of these was the opportunity to come to the HELP Jamaica! Education Center and to coordinate and participate in many activities especial Summer Program 2011. The program gave me a chance not only to see Cassava Piece with the eyes of a tourist but also to personally experience its culture and to learn about its history and economics.
One of my favorite activities at our Summer Program was the team days; it is just one of many that the students have participated in thus far. It is so much fun to see how excited the students get when they discover that they will be working together as a unit, playing games using their minds as well as their physical side. Thanks to Stephani and Sara (our volunteers from California, US) for coordinating this program and getting everyone involve. The team day took place over two days and during that time an increase of 100% was seeing. A total of 52 students participate in these two days of activities. The students were divided into two teams Green and Yellow taking the official colours of the center. At the end of the day green team was awarded the winner and was presented with their cake, snacks and certificate of Excellence. The yellow team was awarded snacks and certificate of participation.

On a daily basis, our students get themselves pumped up for a variety of competitions. We’ve hosted quiz, football, reading, creativity and three-legged tournaments for both boys and girls. We’ve seeing growth in the amount of young people coming out. The National Summer Employment Workers need to be commended for their contribution to the program. Yoga Classes was a next major fun activity at the center.

Meanwhile, here at the summer program we are still busy reading, tie-dying, playing, practicing our moves for the dance show that will take place on later down in the month. Many of the other volunteers that have visited last week encouraged the students and workers alike to enjoy every minute.

I think I can say with confidence that we are all doing just that!

Photo update  from the HELP Jamaica! Education Center, Cassava Piece.

Thanks to the whole team on the ground in Kingston for doing such a great job.  We are more than pleased with what we have created alltogehter in such a short time and we all have to remember – this is just the start!

Big up all supporters, partners, members and all the volunteers without you this wouldn’t be possible.

Education For A Change!

SummerJam donates 2510,- EUR towards HELP Jamaica! e.V.


For the 26th time the Summerjam festival was staged at Fühlinger See in Cologne on the first weekend of July – for the second time the event supported HELP Jamaica!.

Europe’s biggest reggae festival was busy raising funds, everybody on the guest list was requested to pay 5,-EUR for the good cause!

At the end of the 3-day event 2510,-EUR were collected by the promoter Contour Music and directly donated to HELP Jamaica! to support its education project in Kingston, Jamaica financially.

HELP Jamaica! is once more very happy about this successful collaboration and thankful for the generous donation.

Check the photo & video review of the Summerjam 2011 at

New charity cooperation with Jamaican graphic designer Freestylee

Charity Postcard Set by Michael Thompson (Freestylee)

We produced a set of  ten attractive postcards with magnificent graphic design artwork by Jamaican artist Michael Thompson a.k.a. Freestylee.

Michael Thompson is resident in the United States, when contacted with the idea of this postcard set for the good cause by HELP Jamaica! he supported it and agreed immedialety!

Check out his other excellent work on Flickr or read this blog-article about Michael Thompson.

The set of ten postcards in high quality print are gently shrink-wrapped in transparent foil.

Here is a preview of the featured artwork.

The set will be available on our website soon. Just check our webshop sometime next week.
We will announce other retailers very soon too…

Crossing musical borders – Multicultural Festival in Osnabrueck, GER

flyer_mit_rand72 Not only reggae musicians support our organization – on June 4th it was a so-called ‘multicultural’ mix of Rock, Metal and Hip Hop & Reggae bands performing at the charity event for Help Jamaica!.

Five regional bands performed for free followed by DJ Callisto and Basement Sound who kept the party vibe until the early morning.

Organized by the senior year of Graf Stauffenberg Gymnasium in Osnabrueck a total of 4.200,- EUR (!) was collected and donated, an impressive sum resulting from both the festival and remaining money from 2009’s graduates. To enable education for those who are not as lucky as these German students was the idea behind the charity event that motived promoters Inga Gebel, the Basement sound system and their team.

Big up all the bands and DJs that performed for free that night supporting the good cause and giving the crowd a hell of a show! At the same time big up to the whole class for the generous support and especially Inga Gebel with her team and all the people that came to make the event such a success!


‘Strictly Roots’ charity dance in Bernburg, GER

‘Best party in years, longtime we haven’t had fun like this!’ were the words of a patron enthused about the ‘Strictly Roots’ charity party in Bernburg, eastern Germany on May 27th.


With singer Cornadoor performing alongside Jahcasulu Movement the promoters organized a party presenting strictly fine roots reggae music. The event held at an atmospheric outdoor location by the river Saale was well-received and attracted a huge number of fans.

Exclusively all the proceeds from the charity dance were donated to Help Jamaica!.
At the end of the evening 2.111,22 EUR were fundraised and already handed over – what a success!

The HELP Jamaica! team salutes to the organizer team, the artists and sounds who performed for free and of course all the people, that turned out that night to support the good cause!


Growing number of festivals to support Help Jamaica!

With the Swiss Lakesplash Festival in Twaan on the northern bank of lake Biel Help Jamaica! found another great partner to support us this festival season.

(Newsflash! the Lakesplash Production team  donated 644,39 € towards HELP Jamaica! after the festival! Big Up, for the support!)


Already since 1998 the team of reggae fans and music lovers promotes its great event attracting more and more patrons each year. Artists such as Busy Signal, Elijah and Phenomden guarantee a fine line-up of local and international reggae and dancehall acts.

Thanks to Lakesplash Help Jamaica! will be provided an info booth over the whole festival weekend on July 8th and 9th – so come by an find out everything about our organisation, our projects and how to support us!

Additionally the event will be donating a part of the revenue to our organization.

Check the line up and visit Lakesplash for a great musical weekend and to help Jamaica!


5 years – Help Jamaica! congratulates and thanks


Many times promoter Perry Ottmüller and his crew of have been supporting Help Jamaica! already.

On July 2nd the website will be celebrating its 5 year anniversary with a big stage show at Yaam lining up artists such as CeCile, ska veteran Dr Ring Ding and Uwe Banton. The party features a top-class cast including Puma from New York’s LP International and Berlin’s finest Supersonic, Barney Millah and City Lock.

Starting at 3pm in the afternoon fun is guaranteed from early with a beach bar, the kids corner and a wide range of sports activities and fine Caribbean and African food.

Help Jamaica! will be represented with an info booth on-site.

Furthermore ReggaeinBerlin will be donating 1€ per guest to support us – so come over to enjoy this extraordinary birthday bash!

Edit: HELP Jamaica! says ‘Big Up -ReggaeInBerlin- for a donation of 667,- €, right after the event!


SUMMERJAM Festival supports HELP Jamaica! by raising funds once more

Following the successful collaboration at last year’s event the popular Summerjam festival is supporting HELP Jamaica! once again in 2011.


The biggest European reggae festival taking place in Cologne, Germany on July 1st – 3rd will be fundraising for the good cause.

Everybody on the guestlist for the event is requested to pay a donation of 5,- EUR going directly to HELP Jamaica!.

In 2011 the event will be hosting performances by Jimmy Cliff, Alpha Blondy, Barrington Levy,  Ziggy Marley, Busy Signal and many many more on the two huge open air stages on the island.

Check the Summerjam website for more information on the event and this year’s line-up with top live artists as well as the best sound systems and get your ticket before its sold out.

Big Up Contour Music the promoters of the SummerJam Festival for the continous support!

The REGGAE JAM Festival – continuos generous support in 2011!

The HELP Jamaica! team is very proud and grateful to announce the continuous support of the Reggae Jam festival, its promoter Sheriff and his team in 2011.

The event taking place in Bersenbrueck, Germany from August 5th to 7th will donate 5000,- EUR right after the festival – just like they did last year! Additionally the ‘Best Festival’ voted by the readers of Riddim magazine yet again in 2011 is supporting HELP Jamaica! in our public relation efforts and facilitates to have an information tent at the best spot possible right on the festival ground. All visitors and reggae fans feel free to get in touch with our team on-site. At our yellow booth we’re happy to inform you about the opening of our first HELP Jamaica! Education Center in Cassava Piece in Kingston with lots of pictures and videos.


Moreover thanks to the close collaboration, Reggae Jam and Sheriff make it possible for us to collect the deposit cups at our booth as well as on the festival ground. All revenues of the collected and of course also donated cups serve the good of the Education Center as well as the festival’s generous contribution.

So look out for our collection bins on the site – donating was never this easy!

For more information on the Reggae Jam festival check out the great line-up for this year’s staging. Get your ticket before they’re sold out and make sure you don’t miss this exceptional festival full of vibes – always a weekend to remember.

Video of the Reggae Jam and HELP Jamaica! cooperation in 2010

Big up Nippes Yard Production for the video.

June 4th 2011 – Charity Party in Osnabrueck, GER

The 2009 graduating class at the Graf Stauffenberg Gymnasium in Osnabrueck is organizing a charity event in support of HELP Jamaica!

They will donate not only the proceeds of this event but also the money that remained from their graduating class back in 2009. Big Up, Inga Gebel and her organizing team, all the performing bands and soundsystems as well as the whole graduating class from 2009 for the support!


The Actions-No-Words organization just donated 1.215,-€

anw_2011 The HELP Jamaica! team would like to express its gratitude for the continued generous support. The Actions-No-Words Charity Project is supporting HELP Jamaica! from scratch!

This time it was the sold out 5th anniversary celebration at club YAAM in Berlin, where we had the opportunity to have an info booth. Half the proceeds of the event were donated to HELP Jamaica! – we just received 1.215,- €!! (The other half was donated to: ‘Ärzte für die Dritte Welt’ in Kenya.)

Big up to Dr. VolkanikMan, the mastermind behind the Actions-No-Words Charity Project, the artists who performed that night (check the flyer), all helping hands in the background who made it possible and last but not least the Berlin massive that turned up to support the good cause! Yuh large!!


Manifesto & HELP Jamaica! team up in Cassava Piece



HELP Jamaica! is proud to announce a new cooperation with Manifesto Jamaica! We are looking forward to cooperate with the young, energetic and ambitious group with which we share the aim to empower the youth by encouraging and promoting their talents!

Peter Wright, one of the Manifesto core members, writes about the cooperation:

As an organization that seeks to empower the youth through art, Manifesto|Jamaica is extremely pleased to see the HELP Jamaica! Library in Cassava Piece. We were blessed with the opportunity to participate in the day’s activities on one Saturday and we thoroughly enjoyed our interaction with the children from the community. We intend to return very soon and assist in formalizing some classes*. We hope that this is will be the beginning of a fruitful mutually beneficial relationship through which we will educate, expose and empower the youth in the community and, by extension, the wider nation. Our organization has definitely become a powerful grassroots movement in recent times and we are proud to be associated with HELP Jamaica, another organization with similar goals and also a similar soul.

Text by: Peter ‘Five Steez’ Wright, Advocacy Champion, Literary Art Umbrella member, Manifesto|Jamaica

*Notice: The Manifesto team is now coming every second Saturday of the month to our Center in Cassava Piece and supports our activities as well as implementing on courses. Great input and teamwork – Big Up Manifesto to the fullest!

check out Manifesto @

Some pictures from the Manifesto team taken at the HELP Jamaica! Education Center


Fashion and style – by Jaqueen ‘The HELP Jamaica! Charity Shirt’


Check out this nice and cozy top for ladies representing the Jamaican colors in a very beautiful but same time decent style. This top will be soon one of your favorite garments for summer 2011 with its unique look and style admiring glances in the streets are guaranteed.

These handmade and customized items (send with a HELP Jamaica! Button) are produced and sold by our long time supporter and very good friend JAQUEEN Fashion from Berlin. She generously donates 30% of all proceeds of this ‘HELP Jamaica! Charity Shirt’ directly to HELP Jamaica!   BIG UP!

HELP Jamaica! Shirt JAQUEEN online store

All day fundraising event in Brighton, UK


Big up SensiSounds for organizing this huge charity event in the UK – bringing you fresh sounds and strong vibes in the shape of an all day party in aid of HELP Jamaica!

Saturday May 14th at The Hydrant, Brighton /UK

Music will be running from 3pm all afternoon and into the early hours, this one’s set to be live!

ALL profits are going to be donated to HELP Jamaica!, so if you live in the Brighton area, make sure you don’t miss this exceptional event and party for a good cause with your friends.

(Downstairs, inside and out, FREE ENTRY!)
Live: Milli Moonstone (Acoustic / Folk), Lisa Kenny (Acoustic / Blues / French Pop), Obsidion (Acoustic / Soul), DJ Stavros (Dub / Reggae)


(Upstairs, £4 OTD / £3 NUS)
Live: Samsara (Reggae, Ska), The Drop (Dub / Reggae / Roots / Rock)
DJ’S: Gerra B2B, Rocksteddy, Stone (Reggae / Rocksteady / Dub / Dubstep / Jungle)


Charity Dance in Glarus, Switzerland – what a success!!

On Saturday April the 23rd the Lifted Selection Sound from Glarus, a very small town in the heart of the swiss alps promoted a charity event for HELP Jamaica!

The fundraising event started with a great organized info event in the afternoon where our 2nd chairman Hilmar Keding first held a lecture about  HELP Jamaica!, its activities, projects and aims in front of approx. 30 people as well as the the local press (TV and Newspapers) and afterwards answered all the questions that came up from the audience and gave interviews to the media.

The Party afterwards was pure niceness an also a full success!
Many people donated twice, by paying their entrance fee (there was no guestlist that night) and by putting money in the collecting boxes additionaly. Big Up!

Here are some pics of the event:

Many thanks to the Lifted Selection Sound, Island Selecta, Kebilli & Papa Irie Sound as well as our chairman a.k.a Selecta Hille (SoundQuake Sound) for the musical entertainment, the club (Hölastei), the sponsors and all the helping hands in the background and last but not least all the party people who came out in large numbers and partied until the very last tune – for making the charity event a success we never dreamed of:

The Party did fundraise unbelievable 2803, 53 EUR for HELP Jamaica! Wow!!

A special big up goes out to T-Bone an artist from Switzerland, who made this video just to promote the charity event and the aims of HELP Jamaica! – without the support of all those dedicated people, this would not have been possible!

The HELP Jamaica Team would like to express their heartfelt gratitude for the great organization and the generous support. That was an event to remember – Big Up Glarus ‘yuh likkle but yuh tallawah’ !

Check out a TV review about the charity dance in the local swiss TV News

The first weeks inside the Center


VIDEO: Short documentation of the Opening Ceremony

Check this short documentation (12 min.) with footage taken at our Opening Ceremony and during the last days before at the HELP Jamaica! Education Center and inside the community of Cassava Piece!

Big Up Markus Hautmann, Annita Boomgaarden and the whole REGGAEVILLE Team for filming, cutting and providing this nice video!


Fashion and style – for ladies only!! ‘The HELP Jamaica! Charity Hoody’


Check out this relaxed and cozy hoody for ladies (sorry guys, maybe later!), representing the Jamaican colors in a very beautiful but same time decent style. This hoody will be soon you favorite garment when you want to feel warm and comfortable on the couch at Sunday, but with its unique look and style – admiring glances in the streets are safe too.


These handmade and customized items (coming with a HELP Jamaica! Button/Pin) are produced and sold by our long time supporter and very good friendJAQUEEN Fashion from Berlin. She generously donates 30% of all proceeds of this ‘HELP Jamaica! Charity Hoody’ directly to HELP Jamaica!  – BIG UP!

HELP Jamaica! Hoody
JAQUEEN online store

HELP Jamaica! and Contour Music cooperate on the Turbulence & Warrior King Tour in Germany 2011

turbulence_warriorking_web_poster Cooperation for a good cause!

Contour will once more generously provide the HELP Jamaica! Team the opportunity to have an info-table at all shows in Germany and additionally will ask all persons who appear on the guestlist to donate 5,- EUR towards HELP Jamaica! e.V.

We would greatly appreciate your support for our initiative – please help support our Education Center in Cassava Piece, Kingston.

So make sure you don’t miss Turbulence and Warrior King on tour, make it a date and meet the HELP Jamaica! Teams inside the venues!!

Turbulence and Warrior King will be mashing up following venues in Germany:

So. 27.02. Hamburg – Knust
Di. 01.03. Berlin – C Club
Mi. 02.03. Dortmund – Dietrich-Keuning-Haus
Do. 03.03. München – Backstage
Fr. 04.03. Stuttgart – Universum

We hope to see you all at our info-table.


The HELP Jamaica! Team wishes to say thanks to Contour Music for the continuous support and for the donation of 135,47 EUR after the tour. Big Up!


First days inside the new HELP Jamaica! Education Center…

The Center is open now and visitors come daily and kids swarm the place. They start reading books, playing games and the computers are up and running!

On their own request a small group started to get German lessons by our volunteer Julia. The daily homework-care is already offered and we soon start with the first regular course offers. Last Sunday the 13th of February a group met at the Center to watch a documentary on African Religion and had a discussion afterwards.


A lot of things are happening already – and this is just the start….progress we say!
Education For A Change!


The Grand Opening Ceremony – February 3rd 2011

The grand opening and launch of the HELP Jamaica! Education Center in Cassava Piece was really a remarkable event. After two years of hard work we celebrated the opening with an inspirational theme “Rise up, Cassava Piece!”

check some pics taken by Caterina Werner:

Our guests and celebrants were distinguished and diverse in representation; among them were persons from Europe and the United States of America who came to Jamaica specifically for our launch. The German Ambassador in Jamaica, Jürgen Engel, graced us with his presence and greetings. So did the Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce and Member of Parliament, the Honourable Karl Samuda. Minister Olivia “Babsy” Grange was represented by Mr. Sydney Bartley, the Principal Director of Culture. The Chairman of the Book Industry Association, The President of the Library and Information Association of Jamaica (LIAJA), The Jamaica Constabulary Force St Andrew North Division and members of the music fraternity, the educational institutions in the community, Social Development Commission, the Kiwanis Club of Constant Spring, member of the press and the citizens were all out in their numbers to support us.

The keynote address was delivered by Mr. Michael Lorne, Attorney-At-Law. In his address he spoke to the relevance of the Education Center, especially in a divided and marginalized community like Cassava Piece. He spoke of the unifying effect of the project pointing to the football tournament held on Saturday 22nd January 2011 as well as the strong support the projects have received from various corners of this fractious community.

In his address the Honourable Minister gave a history of his presence in the community for over thirty-five years. He was very impressed with our achievement in the past year and a half since the idea of the project was first introduced to him. He lauded our progress and pledged his support especially since several attempts have been made to use the space occupied by the Center for community activities. The Principal Director of Culture saluted our venture and also pledged the wholehearted support of the Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture.

The German Ambassador congratulated the team and in return HELP Jamaica! expressed its gratitude again for the funding of 1.2 million Jamaican Dollar granted by the Embassy. This was used for the refurbishing of the building.

Dr. Paulette Stewart, President, Library & Information Association of Jamaica, brought greetings on behalf of the library community in general and the Department of Library & Information Studies, UWI. She hailed our efforts and expressed the wish for close cooperation.
Michael “Muta” Skyers, President of the Citizens Associations, was asked to speak on the Projects impact from a citizen’s standpoint as well as a member of our Institutional Advisory Committee. In his address he made it clear that the days of hiding knowledge from the black man by putting it in a book are over!

The Book Industry was well represented by various publishing houses and bookstores. The Chairman of the Association, Mr. Franklin McGibbon greeted the gathering and promised the support of the industry. Mrs. Michelle Naraysingh, Manager Corporate Affairs & Marketing, Sangster’s Bookstores, announced that HELP Jamaica! Ltd is the platform from which Sangster’s will deliver its contribution for community development for 2011. A token contribution was also presented to Ms. Fernette Williams and Ms. Birte Timm. Professor Eddie Baugh, among other individuals and organizations, donated books towards our collection. The Gleaner Company also brought Children’s Own, Youth Link and the Daily Gleaner for our guests to have.

The HELP Jamaica team guided through the function and outlined the basic idea and concept of the Education Center as a place not only to learn but for personal development and also the development of the community. The Chairwoman and Chairman gave a joint pictorial presentation entitled the HELP Jamaica! Journey. Here the audience was given an opportunity to learn of the background work done in Europe and Jamaica leading up to this day. The organization’s history and fundraising efforts were spoken on. In her closing remarks, the librarian and project manager Fernette Williams shared her vision of a community library as a central institution for the development of the individual citizens as well as the community. She spoke to the history of the Jamaica Library Service, the public library system and how its early days were devoted to community development. She hailed Dr. Leila Thomas, who recently passed a former Director of JLS and JAMAL whose memory she will seek to honour by emulating her devotion to the concept of life-long learning.

The function further featured touching performances by former Rising Star Romain Virgo, who came to the opening right before he had to sit an exam to share “Who feels it knows it” with the youths of Cassava Piece and encouraged them to study and take care of their education. Camaley impressed the crowd with her rendition of “I believe I can fly” and “My Boy Lollipop”, she was joined by Mr. Sydney Bartley for the second number. He gave a real thrilling dance performance by doing the ska to this bit hit of old. Darrio, representing the Subkonshens Music Label, gave a stirring a capella encouraging the youths to leave violence and negativity behind and focus on their education. Students of the Constant Spring Primary Junior High delivered a wonderful performance of the 1998 World Cup Football theme song for the Reggae Boyz – Rise Up! The infants of the Lalyce Gray Basic School, not to be out done also came ready to entertain us.

Following the formalities of speeches, greetings, presentations and performances the ribbons were cut to mark the opening of the Center. This activity was done by the Institutional Advisory Committee. The guests and speakers along with about 200 kids rushed into the building and were impressed by their first sighting. Thanks to “Food for the Poor”, the Center was already equipped with Computers and the shelved books, the reading areas, the Tiny Tots section and the homework area offered a first impression of how the Center will be looking like when opening the doors to the public now. The general opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 1-6pm.

The afternoon featured various activities for the children like a bounce-about, mural painting and a wonderful performance of the powerful Kingston Drummers. After the performance the kids were treated to a free drum class, a precursor to the activities that will soon be offered at the Education Center.

The HELP Jamaica! team wishes to thank all helpers, donors, supporters and contributors who helped to make the HELP Jamaica! Education Center in Cassava Piece a reality! BIG UP EACH AND EVERYBODY!


HELP Jamaica! Cup 2011

The first HELP Jamaica! Cup, Football Tournament was held on Saturday the 22nd of January. We can now hail it a resounding success; a source of joy for the community and the HELP Jamaica! team.

With the friendly permission of the Constant Spring Primary Jr. High School, we invited eight teams from all around the community of Cassava Piece to “battle” for the HELP Jamaica! Cup, on the school’s netball court next door to our compound. In the end the Famous Strikers led by “Chunky Four Star General” won over the Gully Side team led by Andrew “Plantain” Henry, in a close penalty shootout. Third placed finishers were the Young Boyz, who are largely young men in their early to midteenage years. Much hope abodes for the Reggae Boyz!

The tournament got good support from the community. One of its most beknown citizen came out to watch the games, David “Mavado” Brooks. Mavado addressed the gathering and endorsed our efforts in Cassava Piece.

During the course of all these happenings a member of the Gully Side team proved that Cassava Piece yutes are multitalented! Among the team was a upcoming artist “Crimist” who delivered a thrilling performance on the playing field.

Many helpers from the community volunteered to make the whole event successful! Big up to Mr. Michael “Muta” Skyers, president of the Citizens Association of Cassava Piece, the referee, the cooking team Andrew and Odinga whose advice and guidance were invaluable and all the other team leaders; the helpers around Nicki, Ingrid and Debby and last but not least our project manager Fernette, who monitored the whole work around the refreshments in the background. It was a remarkable day and a promising step towards the opening of the Center on February 3rd.

Thanks to each and everybody who helped and contributed to this great event!


Book Shelves and Furniture – provided by the Abilities Foundation

While the construction process is in the last stage, the ordered booked shelves and tables for the interior furniture are produced.

Abilities Foundation_logo This is excellently handled by the Abilities Foundation, our direct neighbour and a great supporter in the community. The Director of the Abilities Foundation, Ms Hamilton is also a active member of the local ‘Advisory Comittee’ for our Education Center in Cassava Piece!

Book Shelves being mounted Preparation part two Shelves before being painted

The Abilities Foundation was established in November 1991 and is a registered voluntary organization. The Foundation works in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and the H.E.A.R.T. Trust/National Training Agency.

The major objectives of the program are:

– To offer vocational education to persons with disabilities, for the development of marketable skills.

– To improve employment opportunities for further training and job enhancement.

– To teach young adults with disabilities good work ethics, and to facilitate their social and emotional re-adjustment to ensure effective integration into the wider society.

– To establish a vocational resource center capable of providing technical information and offering practical assistance to persons with disabilities, as well as to potential employers.

– To operate a sales outlet for goods made by persons with disabilities.

The HELP Jamaica! Team wants to express its great gratitude not only for an appreciated discount on the furniture price, but also for a good neighbourship relation from the start. Lending advice or a helpful tool for our construction work was never a problem… we are looking forward with joy to future collaborations.


Grand Opening Ceremony – ‘Rise Up, Cassava Piece!’ February 3rd 2011

The HELP Jamaica! Team is busy finishing up the construction; painting the outside of the building, after the inside was painted on the Community Volunteer Day on Saturday 15th.

After various Corner Reading Sessions, Community Meetings and Volunteer Days (see slide show), the whole community is now eagerly anticipating the Grand Opening…

The Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony of the HELP Jamaica! Education Center Cassava Piece on 5 Cassava Piece Road, Kingston 8, will carry the theme “Rise up, Cassava Piece!” and will take place on Thursday, February 3, 2011, 11am. Everybody is welcome to celebrate this great achievement with us!

The Ceremony will feature various speakers including the German Ambassador and representatives from the ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth and Sports and  the singing sensation Romain Virgo.

At this point in time we heartily wish to thank each and everybody who supported us along the way! Without you all this would never have been possible!

The Book Drive:

Last but not least, we ask all our guests at the opening and in fact all Jamaicans to donate at least one book towards the library, as we are currently having our BOOK DRIVE! We wish to thank the bookstore Bookophilia on 92 Hope Road and the Sangster’s Book Store Ltd. for donating books and for being our drop off stations for the books! So please visit the stores and buy or bring a book to contribute to our collection!