Activities & Events 2008

In 2008, the year we founded HELP Jamaica!, we mainly rose funding to support the “Trenchtown Reading Centre”, and helped to secure salaries for the librarian and personal, a guided reading program, maintenance costs and book donations…


– Trenchtown Reading Centre Charity Shirt

We cooperated with the company „Yard“, which offered a beneficial T-Shirt for men and women to support the “Trenchtown Reading Centre”, 3000,- EUR were donated towards the TRC by now.

Natty King with TRC charity shirt (Yard catalogue) Ladies TRC charity shirt (Yard catalogue)


– Donation of 1500,- EUR by the German Jamaican Society

The HELP Jamaica! board of directors attended the annual meeting of the German Jamaican Society (DJG) in October and gave a lecture on the TRC, thereby we could raise 1500,- EUR for the TRC. This money was used to employ a teacher for a half a year, who gave ‘guided reading courses’ and played educational games with the kids. These courses were well accepted and attended by a lot of kids. The courses help to improve creativity and literacy skills of the kids and lead to a better text understanding.


Guided Reading Programm


– Donation of 500,- EUR by

We facilitated the donation of 500,- EUR towards the TRC by the internet-society of the most active German reggae forum – the money was donated after the annual ‘Link Up Party’  organised by the members of the internet community.