of the non-profit association „HELP Jamaica! e.V.“, Berlin

§1 Name and Domicile

The association’s name is:

Help Establish Library Projects in Jamaica! e.V.“ (HELP Jamaica! e.V.)

It is registered in the register of associations.

VR 27942 B (Local district court Charlottenburg)

Its location is Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany.

The business year is the calendar year.


§2 Objectives of the Association

The Association shall solely and directly serve public-benefit and charitable purposes within the meaning of the section “Tax-Privileged Purposes” of the General Fiscal Law (Abgabenordnung) §§ 51 ff. AO


Purpose of the Association:

The Association aims to establish public and non-governmental educational institutions, as well as to support existing educational institutions and social projects. The offers are addressed to children, youths, and adults, who live in an environment characterized by unemployment, poverty, voilence and a lack of perspective. Access to education free of cost shall be provided to encounter the lack of education. These educational institutions shall be supervised and managed strictly by qualified staff, who provide attendees of the institution with learn intensive material such as books and computers, and support the use, e.g. by reading and literacy programs. Additionally the educational institutions shall motivate to increase the interest in education and participation in playing, employment training and educational offers to  foster overall development.

The educational institutions shall provide offers such as the following:

–        library and open reading circles

–        afternoon care

–        teaching of reading for children, youths, and adults

–        playing

–        violence prevention programs

–        educating assistance and counselling for parents

–        craft activities and classes

–        activities and events for talent promotion

–        sports, music, drama group

–        computers to provide basic knowledge in the use of computers as didactically-effective learning technology

–        programs fot the use of media, computer, internet

–        preparation for career entry

–        application training and education for adults


The Association will realize its purpose in particular by:

  1. Building and management of educational institutions in indigent Jamaican communities, financed by donations and contributions.

The first institution was established in the Jamaican capital Kingston in February 2011.

The educational institutions shall provide books and learning material such as games, pencils, art and craft material free of cost during opening hours. Qualified staff as well as persons from the surrounding communities shall be employed at the institutions, that offer youth work.

  1. The majority of donations will be used to maintain the educational institution. If possible further educational institutions shall be established and maintained in other parts of Jamaica.
  2. If possible parts of the donated funds shall support existing educational institutions and social projects to support children and youths in need of education.
  3. Providing information in Europe on conditions of living in Jamaica.


These objetives shall be met first and foremost through donations and contributions by the members. Furthermore the aim is to obtain public funding on development cooperation.

The financial means to meet the objectives will be received through gaining supporting members and donations through selective public relations, especially by distribution of information material:

–        online on the own website and in suitable forums on the web

–        directly and personally by supporting members at events relevant for the target group

–        press releases and ads in print magazines

–        public relations of cooperating partners, such as international artists and promoters, as well as gastronomy



–        by charity events (e.g. concerts, charity partys, charity dinners, information evenings)

–        by sale of products such as calendars, t-shirts, postcards

–        through lectures at conferences

–        with general appeals for donations in internet forums, public institutions and at companies

§3 Non-Profit Organization

The association is non-commercial and has no profit-oriented goals. Funds can only be used for the declared intentions and purposes outlined in the statutes. Members of the association will not receive any contributions from the association. Nobody is allowed to benefit from expenses for purposes not included in the association’s aims. Neither can persons benefit from extraordinary high salaries or allowances.


§4 Membership

Any natural or legal person to support the aims and goals of the association can become a regular or sustainable member.

The membership fees are determined and specified by the general meeting of members.

The board decides on applications for membership, which must be sent in written form.

Membership ends by voluntary resignation, expulsion or decease.

Voluntary resignation has to be declared to the board within 4 (four) weeks notice.

Membership may be terminated with immediate effect should a member be found to have violated the interests and aims of the Association. The member must be given an opportunity to explain his/her action before an expulsion can be executed. The member can appeal against the decision within 2 (two) weeks. The following general meeting will decide over the matter.

The membership ends automatically, if a member does not pay his/her fees for more than 12 (twelve) months.


§5 Membership Fees

The members pay fees determined by the general meeting.


§6 Bodies of the Association

The bodies of the Association are:

– the general assembly of members

– board of directors


§7 General Assembly of Members

The general assembly of members is the highest body of the association and the meeting is to be summoned once a year.

Extraordinary general meetings may be called in the interest of the Association or if a minimum of 20 (twenty) % of the members demand it in writing, giving reasons.

The general meeting is convened in writing by the board of directors, giving at least 3 (three) weeks notice and at the same time announcing the agenda.

The general meeting is responsible for all duties that are not delegated to other bodies in the statutes.

It is particularly responsible for:

– appointment and dismissal of the board of directors

– appointment and dismissal of the treasurer

– acceptance of the annual reports and the balance sheet

– acceptance of the report of the cash auditor

– support of the board of directors

–        determination of the level of membership fees

–        resolutions on changes of the statutes, by a required majority of ¾ (three quarter)

–        dissolution of the Association, by a required majority of ¾ (three quarter)

–        determination of future aims and purposes of the Association and the financially necessary means, e. g. investment in companies, loans etc.


Any general meeting convoked in accordance with the articles is quorate, irrespective of the number of members in attendance.

Every member has one vote which is not transferable.

The general meeting decides by simple majority of the attending voting members, unless the statutes of the Association provide otherwise.

In the event of a tie, a motion shall be rejected.

Incorrect votes and abstentions are considered to be invalid votes.

Decisions shall be recorded in writing.


§8 The Board of Directors

According to § 26 BGB the board of directors consists of 3 (three) to 6 (six) persons.

They represent the Association in court matters and out of court.

Each member of the board of directors has the sole right of representation.

The board of directors shall be elected by the general meeting with a simple majority for a term of 5 (five) years.

The members of the board may be re-elected.

In case of premature resignation of a board member, the board of directors can appoint a representative until the following general meeting.

On expiry of their term of office, the acting board members shall remain in office until a new board is elected.

The board is responsible for the operations of the Association.

Members of the board perform their duty on a honorary basis without any compensation payments.

The board may appoint an executive director for current businesses and administrative duties. He/she is allowed to attend board meetings in an advisory capacity.

Board meetings are to be held whenever necessary, however, at least once a year.

The written invitations are sent by the first chairperson or the second chairperson with a notice period of 4 (four) weeks before the meeting.

The board shall constitute a quorum when all of its members have been invited and at least two members are present.

The board shall pass resolutions by a simple majority of the attending members. In the event of a tie, absent members shall vote in writing. In the event of a tie of all members of the board, the first chairperson will decide the matter.

Decisions shall be recorded in writing and signed by the first chairperson.


§9 Certification of Resolutions

Minutes of all board meetings shall be recorded in writing and signed by the chairperson and the recorder.


§10 Dissolution of the Association and Distribution of the Association’s Funds

In case of dissolution or a cease of its current charitable aims, the Association’s funds shall go to a legal person of public law or another tax-privileged corporation for the support of education.

All resolutions regarding the distribution of the Association’s funds in case of dissolution or cancellation must be filed with the local tax office for approval before coming into force.

Berlin, 25.05.2012