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Big up & thanks to our supporter Gentleman!

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German reggae super star Gentleman was taking part in the very popular Saturday night family quiz show “Frag doch mal die Maus” on September 7th. He and his team members, TV host Sandra Maischberger, and actor Till Schweiger won the sum of 25.000,- EUR, which got split and sent to four charity organizations of their choice. HELP Jamaica! e.V. being amongst them thanks to Gentleman!

Besides the money (4.166,67 €), that we will use to finance our Education Center in Cassava Piece, Kingston/Jamaica we are very happy and thankful for this fantastic public exposure for HELP Jamaica!, as this show was watched by 3,5 million people!

Big up Gentleman for the great support!


Summer Program 2013 at the HELP Jamaica! Education Center

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Team Day

The members of the HELP Jamaica! team and volunteers got together and took a “team outing” trip to Alligator Pond on July 6, before starting Summer school this year.

teamday_trip   teamday_hangout teamday_football




This was right after we celebrated an accomplishment of facilitating over 120 children attending the center on a daily basis.

Alligator Pond was just the place to be for all team members, as they, for the first time experienced such togetherness and relaxing moments for a change, fostering excellent team building growth, and rewarded themselves for their great everyday efforts. The team enjoyed a day at the beach, some seafood for lunch, time to relax and a friendly soccer match against a local team right at the beach – and what should i say our team beat them bad!


Summer Program

This year’s Summer Program at the HELP Jamaica! Center was most exciting.  There were many activities with bursts of excitement.

Our programs included First Aid Training, Arts and Craft – including Basketry, Sewing, Jewelry Making, Gift Boxes, Bows and Tying of gift boxes, Balloon Craft, Flower Decorating, Sign Language, Yoga and much more.

yoga_class2 sack_race putty_abc

Music was ongoing, as the children sang at intervals and especially when they were returning from any outing, which signified much enjoyment.  More than one hundred children attended daily, and this year was a breaking year with much planned activities, as most children had no other place to spend their summer vacation after a stressful year of regulated classes within the school system.

Our Center at Cassava Piece was the place to relax and have fun. We had children from all areas, even from rural Jamaica visiting the Education Center daily to partake in the Summer Sessions!

paper_plane_airbase basket_weaving selfmade_ring


Trip to Sport Games at ‘Mona Bowl’

On July 13, 2013 our first field trip with the children was to the CVSS Annual Games held at the ‘Mona Bowl’ UWI Campus in Kingston.  It was a wonderful day full of fun for everybody, 44 excited kids entering one bus, ready to roll out…

monabowl2013_2 At this function our children met the Canadian ambassador, who was the patron at the games.  It was a first encounter for the children as they got an opportunity to mingle with other children from communities like theirs. The level of competition was very high, and the children learnt how important it was to be prepared for competitiveness, not only for themselves but with others.


Trip to Wynters Park & Farm

During the first phase of Summer School also, we accommodated 31 children to Wynters Park and Farm, Kitson Town, St Catherine, a popular park for children from all over Jamaica to enjoy different recreational activities.  They had a day of fun. Wynters Park is a popular venue for birthday parties, weddings and reception. The children enjoyed the host of activities provided for them and had lunch provided by the park’s management. The kids enjoyed the many slides, swings, bounce-about, see-saw, pony horse and tyre swings as well as the mini zoo and a great view from the mountain top.

wynters_park_trip4 wynters_park_trip1 wynters_park_trip5


Jamaican football celebrities visiting the Center

At  July 26, 2013, we welcomed Andrew Price – head of the Jamaican Premier League together with Carlos Wright – Boys Town, Jermaine (Tuffy) Anderson – Waterhouse, Kasai Hinds – Tivoli Gardens Football Club and Raylon Paisley – Arnett Gardens to the Center! 

price_tuffy_football The visit was to establish a little League Football Club at the Center to assist the children of the Cassava Piece and surrounding inner-city communities. The league is to accommodate school age boys ages 6 – 16. Children registered in the club are from Cassava Piece, Big Yard, Grants Pen, Manning’s Hill Road, Whitehall Avenue, and Red Hills Road and as far as Lawrence Tavern and Ackee Walk.

Andrew Price – head of the Premier League, handed over six footballs to the team players and children in attendance at the Center!


balloon_craft card_game group_picture
Our first summer session ended with an Award Ceremony, and team members and volunteers presented the children with certificates and gift items for their participation and attendance.


Three day history workshop

Thirty eight children and team members of the HELP Jamaica! Education Center enjoyed three amazing days of history workshops at the Center with drama, music, art, documentaries, dub poetry, discussions, with the theme being  “ Jamaican national heroes, their struggles and tribulations, their visions and their missions!

history_workshop We discussed these historic topics, talked about the meaning of these historic events which affected them then and for us especially the young generation today! The youths were amazed at the information they received, they were fascinated by their history and clearly saw the problems which existed then and now, and tried to find out some of the answers. We really need to start listening!


History workshop trip to Portland

Our final trip for the summer was to Charles Town, Buff Bay, and Moore Town in the parish of Portland.

The field trip to visit the Charles Town Maroons was full of positive spirit and vibes! We all really enjoyed the outing, learned a lot about the Windward Maroons and their customs, and experienced Maroon food, drumming and dancing! We traveled further up into the mountains of the Rio Grande and paid respect to Nanny, visited the spot where she was buried and the monument erected in her honor at Moore Town and learned more about the Maroons in that area  and stories of the wars against colonialism and slavery.

history_trip4 history_trip2 history_trip3

After a day of joy, full of new knowledge and experiences and with pride in Jamaica’s heritage, we returned safe and sound to Kingston in the evening.

The last weeks of Summer School Session Two, continued with much fun, joy and enthusiasm as the children summed up their holidays at the HELP Jamaica! Education Center! -  remembering the theme song and chorus of the History Workshop which theme song rang in their ears “we deh pon a mission, mission, mission!”

Our much improved Summer Program 2013 was a great success, and we at the Center have already published our new schedule of courses for the new school term.


Slideshow of the Summer Program 2013


HELP Jamaica! @ the Reggae Jam Festival 2013

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lineuprj2013 The 2013 Reggae Jam Festival in Bersenbrück was simply a blast and once more a great success for HELP Jamaica!

Big up to Sheriff the promoter and the whole Reggae Jam family! It is always a great pleasure working with you, your hospitality and support is just awesome! You can’t even imagine what this support means to HELP Jamaica!

Big up Ganjaman and co-host Ron Muschette (from IRIE FM) for promoting us continually on the stages. Big up the Reggaeville team and all photographers who helped and donated their time, all artists and sounds who did show interest and promised their support, the Reggae Jam security-crew who respected and supported our work backstage and on the festival ground. And not to forget the volunteer teams who collected the deposit beer cups with our yellow bins on all three festival days.

Thanks to the Reggae Jam, RIDDIM, Kaboom Pepper, SEEN, Ma Ting, Schlachthofbronx, Jugglerz, Supersonic, Soundquake, Heckert Empire, Da Sandwichmaker and all the others who donated prizes for our big charity-tombola and of course all the people who supported HELP Jamaica! with their donations, their deposit-cups, by purchasing our tombola (raffle) tickets, a brand new Skank ’Gullyside College’ shirt and with their encouragement and compliments! Thank you all – it felt good to see that so many wonderful people share our vision! Together we really make a change!

Due to the cooperation with the Reggae Jam and all the great opportunities they offered us, we were able to fundraise 4.973,- € by collecting the deposit (beer) cups, by cash donations, and selling our charity products at our info-booth on the festival ground.

The HELP Jamaica! team is already looking forward to next years Reggae Jam festival which will be the 20th jubilee edition!

Impressions of HELP Jamaica! at the Reggae Jam Festival 2013


The SummerJam Festival donated 2430,- EUR!

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After the staging of the 2013 SummerJam Festival with 3 days of good music and great performances, the promoter donated 2430,- EUR collected at the festival guestlist.

Big up and thanks from the entire HELP Jamaica! crew to the production team and Contour Music as the promoter, for this great and continuous support over the years. Your support is large!



Photo Workshop at the Center: ‘Seeing Kingston through the Eyes of the People’

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When Photographer and artist Tiina Palm from Helsinki, Finland, approached us that she would like to volunteer at the Center organizing a photo course, we immediately endorsed it as a wonderful idea. She raised the funds in Finland to buy 15 cameras, brought them to Jamaica and offered a great photo workshop for the people in Cassava Piece and surroundings. In cooperation with the Social Development Commission (SDC), and Kim Cotterel, Tiina shared her knowledge about the technique of photography with the 17 participants in four workshop sessions and photo shootings in various locations in Kingston.

See some shots taken during the workshop sessions:


On April 19th, we had an exhibition of the best shots, with renowned artists, social activist and woman leader Pat Ramsey as our guest speaker sharing her joy and passion about art as a way to be “true to yourself”, to make a change in our communities and to communicate and connect with the world.

exhibition pat_ramsey exhibition_group


The best pictures will also be showcased at an exhibition in Helsinki, where the pictures will be sold and the money donated to HELP Jamaica! to fund future photo projects!

All participants and the facilitators where enthusiastic about the workshop, and the pictures speak for themselves! We thank Tiina Palm, Gavin Myers and Kim Cotterel and congratulate all participants! Continue the great work!

Tiina was right when she explained the purpose of the project in one of her emails: “I am passionate about photography as an art form and really believe in its power to change things. Through photography you can give people a peaceful weapon trough which they can speak louder than with any words.” So let the pictures speak!

Slideshow of some of the best pictures taken by the participatians of the workshop


Visit Tiina’s website for her great report about the project and to see ALL the great pictures taken by the participants.



Successful charity weekend in Switzerland

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On April 5th & 6th 2013  friends and supporters of HELP Jamaica! organized a ‘charity weekend’ in Switzerland with two events back to back (Friday night in Glarus and Saturday in Aarau).


Big up all artists, musicians, sounds, organizers, club staff, catering crew and helping hands in the background who made it possible and who invested a lot of work, preparation and showed nuff professionalism and dedication!

Big up the entire Lifted Selection Sound, Max RubaDub, Daniel Berger, Cookie Tha Herbalist, Collie Herb, The Dubby Conquerors, Dodo, Etobasi, Danini & Easy Yves, De Luca, Päddy Ranks, Redwan, Michael Morger, Ganjaforce Sound, Island Selector, SoundQuake Sound Kulturzentrum Holästei, KiFF Club Team an of course all who came out to celebrate with us for a good cause!

It definately payed off! We just got confirmation about a donation of 1400,- CHF coming from the event in Glarus organized by the Lifted Selection Sound crew at club Holästei and a next 1000,- CHF from the event in Aarau at Club KIFF, which was organized by Max Rubadub and the Gideon Production crew!

Maximum respect! Your support is large – all proceeds will be send to Kingston to cover the monthly costs of our Education Center in Cassava Piece.

Slideshow with pictures from the two events in Switzerland



Reggae Jam Promoter ‘Sheriff’ visits Education Center

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sheriff_brite_web Since the foundation of HELP Jamaica! Bernd Lagemann aka Sheriff from Bersenbrück has supported the association and its projects in many ways. His popular Reggae Jam festival in Northern Germany helped  to promote our mission and inform many people about the work we do by offering us an info booth at the annual event and spreading the word. Additionally the great supporter and his team not only provided the chance to collect money through deposit cups on the festival site but also donated the very generous sum of 10.000,- (!) Euro to the organization over the years.

Finally Bernd Lagemann, and two members of the Reggae Jam team got the chance to personally visit the Education Center in Cassava Piece, the institution they helped to develope. With great joy the kids welcomed the distinguished guests from Germany on January 22. After a little tour the group gathered in the backyard to have some fun. Not only the team at the Center was happy to welcome Bernd and his friends, he also enjoyed the visit and was impressed by the works.




HELP Jamaica! @ Sunrise Morning Show CVM TV

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Live interview broadcasted Wednesday, January 16th 2013 at CVM TV (Jamaica)



Happy New Year! A Review of 2012

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The HELP Jamaica! Team wishes all family, friends and supporters a great start into 2013!

Review of the year 2012 at the HELP Jamaica! Education Center in Cassava Piece, Kingston 8.

The year started with the arrival of Volunteer Ursula “Munchy” Münch in January, she stayed with us for the full year 2012 and generously donated her time and energy.

Munchy with her best friend Building the new classroom all together now Painting the new classroom New Classroom in use

In the first weeks of January, we completed our new second classroom, which was needed to accommodate the constantly increasing numbers of attendees at the Center. We finally opened the classroom with a function on March 27, 2012, with distinguished guests and the community.

Two weeks prior to that, on March 10, 2012 we celebrated the 1st anniversary of our Center in Cassava Piece, Kingston 8. Our annual football tournament and community dance was held with music provided by SoundQuake, Coppershot Sound, Chunky Four Star and others. First Anniversary Video

In February we welcomed Linda & Louis from the ‘Nice Up The Walls’ Project (UK), who did a stunning mural on the walls located in the backyard of our Center. We further hosted the ‘Urban Street Art Project’, organized by the German Embassy in Kingston and proudly welcomed The Honorable A. J. Nicholson (Minister for Foreign Affairs), as well as the German and French Ambassadors as visitors at the Center.


CenterAnniversary_Poster The 2011 HELP Jamaica! Cup Linda from 'Nice up the walls' project new painting impresses the kids Urban Art Gallery Project with German Embassy




In March, we welcomed our new CEO and Manager at the Education Center, Mrs. Virginia Chin, who is a great and valued asset to the organization and has contributed much to the developments with her experience, her vision and tireless dedication.

During 2012, we teamed up with people from the community and organized a ‘Fun Friday’ and a community Spelling Bee Contest at our Center, in order to strengthen our roots in the community and to raise awareness for our educational programmes and offers. We celebrated Easter, Christmas and many birthdays at the Center during the course of the year, and have had police officers, teachers and many local and international volunteers and visitors at the Center to read, play and interact with the children. We welcomed the artists Chronixx and Kelissa, Conkarah and others at the Center, who supported us with music, workshops and other creative activities. Further highlights during 2012 included a dancing class held by German dancehall queen Swaggi Maggi, our netball tournament for the women and our first full ‘Summer School Program’ during the summer holidays, which offered various activities as well as a field trip with the children to the Jamaica Institute’s Museum and the National Heroes Park in downtown Kingston and other places such as Emancipation Park, Kings House, Jamaica House, Ministry of Education and the University in Mona (UWI).

Mrs Chin & 'Superman' Chronixx & Kids Dancing Class with 'Maggi' Resting place during field trip with the kids Spelling Class Youngsters

We improved our media presence and popularity, with local and international press highlighting our work, and chairperson Birte Timm and volunteer teacher Oneil Morrison had the opportunity to introduce our work to the public in Jamaica on TVJ’s popular ‘Smile Jamaica’ Morning Show.

With the new term starting September, we held an ‘Orientation Day’ for adult students and parents at the Center. Education specialist Dr. Beverly McKenzie held a motivational lecture to promote our classes and encourage the attendees. With the new term and extended classes, we are now experiencing even higher numbers of students using our facility. The team of volunteer teachers also increased to six professionals offering Adult Education Classes such as Mathematics, English, Social Studies and Computer Studies every day of the week. This probably makes us the only institution in Jamaica that provides free classes to prepare students for the Caribbean-wide accepted graduation CXC examinations, completely free of cost for the students.

In November, we were able to offer our team members a six week Life Skills training course at the RISE Life Management Services, which they successfully completed.   For the Christmas season, we started a very successful cooperation with Michael Thompson and his ‘International Reggae Poster Contest’ for the 2013 edition of the Charity Calendar, which once again is successfully sold out.

Mrs. Beverly McKenzie talking to the adult class Volunteer Assistant Tamar Staff Welcome Bowling Session at the Center The 2013 Charity Calendar Cover

We welcomed many international guests to the Center, distributed food and clothing donations from ‘Food For The Poor’ to the community, and received much support after hurricane ‘Sandy’ ravaged the community, including destroying parts of the Center roof.

The year ended in a very positive and optimistic spirit, as we installed a brand new photovoltaic solar system which was generously donated by the German Embassy in Kingston on our fixed roof. The unveiling ceremony of the 20 solar panels in the presence of The Honorable Philipp Paulwell (Minister for Energy and Mining), Senator The Honorable A. J. Nicholson (Minister For Foreign Affairs), and His Excellency, The German Ambassador Josef Beck was not only a highlight of 2012, with us being the first NGO in Jamaica to ‘go green’, but also a great day to celebrate a Christmas Treat for the children and to say thank you with a ‘farewell’ party for Munchy, who was an integral part of all these great developments at the Center during the year 2012. Solar System Video

Unveiling of the Solar System Function Solar System on our roof Manager Mrs Chin with Ms Luton a volunteer teacher at the center Merry Christmas everybody in line for cookies

These very positive developments in 2012 would not have been possible without the help of all our supporters!  Please continue to support HELP Jamaica! in the future and help us to maintain our programmes and offerings to the people of Cassava Piece and its surroundings.

With best wishes for a wonderful 2013!
Education For A Change!

Slideshow of pictures taken in the past year!


Christmas Celebration & Munchy’s Send-Off Party

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After the successful handing-over ceremony of the photovoltaic system it was Santa Claus who passed through the Education Center on December 13.

Together with the team he created a very special afternoon for the children and their parents: cookie decoration, certificates for the best students and staff, Christmas gifts, free snacks and juice. It was also the last day for German volunteer ‘Munchy’ who spent one year supporting the team on the ground in Kingston.


munchy Big up Munchy! You did a wonderful job supporting the team in Cassava Piece! HELP Jamaica! wishes to thank you for your volunteer service and wishes all the best for your future. Hoping very much to welcome you back at the center very soon!

Maximum respect & million thanks Munchy!!