HELP Jamaica! Education Centre

The HELP Jamaica! Education Center in Cassava Piece

5 Cassava Piece Road
P.O. Box 18
Kingston 8, Jamaica W.I.
Phone (876) 925 5988 (office) or (876) 508 9006 (mobile)

General Opening Hours:  Mondays through Fridays –  9.00 a.m. through 7.30 p.m.

Children: Homework Care and other activities –  2.30 p.m. through 5.00 p.m.
Adults: Computer Classes & other Computer related activity – 9.00 a.m. through 1.00 p.m.
Adults: CXC Evening Classes – 5.30 p.m. through 7.30 p.m.

Cassava Piece, Kingston 8

Cassava Piece is located in uptown Kingston, as part of Constant Spring. Although the renown shopping area in Kingston’s North would not suggest that a poor community exists just around the corner, Cassava Piece is what some people call an ‘uptown ghetto’: a structurally underdeveloped and violence-ridden community with zinc fences, shacks, stony and tiny roads, many children and few opportunities – located left and right hand side of the Constant Spring Gully.


In this community, we have successfully established our first Education Center, on the compound of the ‘Old Clinic’ at 5 Cassava Piece Road. We have signed a long-term leasing contract for 10 years minimum for a pepper corn rent. The building was severely damaged by a hurricane and has gone vacantly unused for many years:

The surrounding yard of the 'Old Clinic' in Cassava Piece     The 'Old Clinic' in Cassava Piece               Inside the 'Old Clinic' in Cassava Piece


The Education Center in Cassava Piece

The HELP Jamaica! Education Center, Cassava Piece Between 2010 and 2011, we renovated and refurbished the building and established a library and computer center that is now heavily utilized by the community. An average of 70-90 children and approximately 20 adults utilize the Center on a daily basis and enjoy free access to books, computers and a variety of programs. In cooperation with our partner organization in Jamaica and supported by the German Embassy in Jamaica as well as numerous sound systems, artists, promoters and individuals who donated generously to help us put our vision into reality, we have been able to create a place to read, learn, discuss, paint, play drama, to explore talents and to develop self-esteem and personal skills.

We believe that developing such qualifications is an important precondition for a self-determined way of life. Therefore, the appointed teachers and volunteers not only teach basic reading, maths and computer skills, but also offer a variety of creative and recreational programs, counseling and guidance. Our dedicated team of young people from the community under the supervision of professionally trained staff serves as positive role model and inspiration for the youths.

Encouraging the members of the community to discover and develop personal talents and skills is one of our main aims. This will increase their chances to find a job, inspire them to become entrepreneurs or support them in their aim towards higher education as an alternative to a life determined by poverty, violence and crime.  Education for a Change!

Group picture with staff and kids hillel_guitar_class Reading Time


Activities and classes offered at the Education Center

We offer homework assistance, reading and literacy programs, introduction to computer skills, arts and craft and various recreation programs and activities. Following classes and services are presently provided free of cost at the Education Center in Cassava Piece:

HELP Jamaica! Homework Centre (daily from 2-4pm)

A professional teacher provides homework assistance to students from all grades, assisted by staff and volunteers. Special attention is paid to slow learners. We always try to ensure that homework is finished before the kids start to attend other activities.

Regular Classes

Reading Classes
Adult classes for English, Maths and Social Studies
GSAT Assistance
Quiz, Spelling, Knowledge
Basic Computer Skills (word, excel, email etc…) and Internet Research

HELP Jamaica! Cultural Centre

Art and Craft
Drama, Poetry and Singing
Guitar, Dance
Sports (football, netball, ring games)
History and Heritage
Discussion and Rhetoric

HELP Jamaica! Mentorship and Parenting

Anti-Violence Programs and Conflict Resolution
Movie Nights with Discussion
Parental Advice
Healthy Cooking / Healthy Living

A game of chess in front of the Education Center Homework Time [SinglePic not found]





Please contact us if you wish to support our activities. We appreciate all kinds of support, donations in cash or kind, volunteer service or by simply spreading the word!        # (876) 508 9006

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