How to Support

Support HELP Jamaica e.V. /Help Establish Library Projects in Jamaica Ltd. (HELP Jamaica!)

You can support HELP Jamaica! to ensure that we can continue the work at our Education Center in Cassava Piece and establish similar facilities in Jamaica. These projects can provide hope and opportunity for children in disadvantaged communities in Jamaica and need and deserve all of our support! We appreciate a gift or donation of any size.

We also appreciate if you want to become actively involved in the organisation and lend your assistance and advice. We welcome your suggestions and ideas! If you have the opportunity to raise funds or organise charity events in your own town or region just get in touch with us and we will provide you with all necessary information.

The raised funds will be used to operate our own HELP Jamaica! Education Centre in Cassava Piece.

Did you know?

– Donations to HELP Jamaica! are tax-deductible.
HELP Jamaica! is a nonprofit organisation. Just like other charities, we rely on the support of corporations, foundations and individuals.

– By supporting HELP Jamaica! you are helping to bring more funding to our projects and activities.

– HELP Jamaica! is accountable to its donors.
As a matter of organisational practice, we will not sell or share your name or personal information with any other entity.

– HELP Jamaica! is committed to transparency.
On the HELP Jamaica! website, we will transparently document how the donations are being used to establish and operate our education centre. All progress will be vividly documented.

The following options are available to you to support HELP Jamaica!:
Donate – find out how to donate
Link Us – help us to be found and spread the cause
Membership – get involved and become a member
Downloads – find webbanners, our logo, press-pictures etc.