Volunteer Report ‘Stephanie & Sara 2011’

Reading sessions in the garden We want to share an e-mail we just received from two volunteers from California (Stephanie & Sara) after they returned home from volunteering three months at the HELP Jamaica! Education Center in Cassava Piece.


“I also wanted to attempt to express our unending thanks for allowing us to come volunteer with HELP  Jamaica!. We only contacted you about a month before Sara and I were set to arrive in Kingston… and who knew how wonderfully it would work out!

After our first day at the Center, Sara and I came home and she immediately said “That was amazing! This is what I came for.” After that first day, everything fell into place. All the staff at the Center helped us get through any issues we had, personally checking with us to make sure that everything in our lives were going well. We formed close bonds with the staffers and regular volunteers like Maja and Susann, making each volunteer day a joy. Sara and I were talking about everything, reminiscing about the fun times at the Center, and we wondered why we only came four days a week? By the time Sunday rolled around we would be complaining about how we missed the kids anyways and not wanting to wait until Tuesday. Haha, I guess it allowed us to see the rest of Jamaica, and make the informed decision that 5 Cassava Piece Rd, Kgn 8  is the best place on the island!

Our best memories in Jamaica are when we would walk through the gate at 2:00pm and hear the students yelling our names in excitement for what the day held. Hugs were given as many times as wanted, because nothing beats them and we knew we would be missing them once we had to return home.  Hille, Brite, Jannika, and Nadia have been wonderful support as well. I have never worked with an organization that had such a dedicated Board of Directors, checking in with us at 10pm German time just to make that connection and thank us for our help. You all are truely devoted and have started a wonderful organization. It is sad to think that Sara and I left over two weeks ago, but each week that passes means we are closer to coming back. Mr. Palmer has been teasing us with little updates here and there, only renewing our excitement to return! We look forward to seeing all the students, staff, and volunteers again, plan more fun summer activities, and hopefully meet you all in person!

Big Up and much respect for all the hard work!”

Stephanie and Sara

Pictures from Stephanie & Sara