Volunteer Report ‘Eva 2011’

The HELP Jamaica! Education Center, Cassava Piece I arrived here in Jamaica on September 9th 2011 in the evening. Nadia, Mr Palmer, Tamar and Phiona picked me up from the airport. I was excited what would happen to me. I thougt about some crazy things, like, will I understand Patois, how are the people in my yard, will the kids in the centre like me and how is the work there?

Well, the question about the people in the yard was ‘anwered’ on the same evening. Terry, Kevin and Andre (and all the neighbours) are so friendly and lovely to me, like a real family – since the first time I met them.

The “Patois Problem” is not a real problem, just if people talk too fast I understand nothing, but it becomes better and better every day.

My first day in the Center was on the Tuesday after my arriving. My welcome was so incredible. I started to help the kids with their homework first, then I read books and learned the very famous Ring Games.  The first impressions were exiting, exhausting but wonderful.

Eva with kids at the Center Homwork Assistance Ring Games Story Time


Tamar´s Art course happens every Thursday, he teaches for example to draw disney figures like Bambi, Winnie Pooh and Snow White and also how to draw faces and other things. After the first time I was a part in the course I got about 10 pictures from the kids, to hang them up in my room.

Drama Class in action Drama Class The Drama Course on Wednesday is also a really big thing and a good opportunity to learn something about acting.

Click here for a short video of the drama course rehearsing one of their plays.

In my opinion nearly the most important thing in the afternoon is helping the kids and youth with their homework. A lot of the kids have serious problems with writing and reading.

The Reading part, however, is the main aspect everyday. I´ve never seen such an enormous interest in books before, like I see in the HELP Jamaica Education Centre. And it makes me happy to see that you can change so many things by reading books.

Books, Books, Books Dinosaurs! Excitement Reading Time

Saturday three weeks ago Mr Palmer, Caty; about eight kids and me went to a exhibtion at the University of the West Indies about ‘Modern Life in Germany’. They displayed a lot of typical german things like typical food, lifestyle and culture.

Show me where you come from... The Group had to answer 20 Questions about Germany during the visit German food - the famous 'Bretzel' Trip to 'Germany' Exhibition @ UWI


Yesterday we visited a Musical called “Father Ho Lung & Friends present Acts of the Apostels” at the National Stadium in Kingston. Tamar, Daren, three kids and me had the great opportunity to see this great show.

Group Picture @ National Stadium Trip to the Musical @ National Stadium The musical


In my free time I do lots of trips, like a weekend in Portland, visiting places in Kingston, for example the Devon House or the nearby beaches. And of course I enjoy the really good dances, I just say Weddy Weddy Wednesdays , and the relaxing time in my yard in Cassava Piece.

At the end of my first month of volunteering, I just can say, I´m so happy and proud that I can be a part of HELP Jamaica! BIG RESPECT to Mr. Palmer, Daren, Tamar, Nicardo, Soyini and all the other Volunteers, you do a amazing job! Thanks for everything so far!!!! I am looking forward to the next 2 months at the HELP Jamaica! Education Center in Cassava Piece!