What you should know about the organisation and its structure

HELP Jamaica is a registered non-profit organization, supporting educational projects in Jamaica since 2008. We have proven to work effective by establishing a very succesful Education Center in Kingston.

But as an organisational body we might be way smaller than you think. The core team is just a handful of active members. Supported by dedicated individuals, members of the European reggae scene and a network of soundsystems, promoters and festivals. With the exception of the CEO we are all completely volunteering our time and efforts selflessly.

And here are even better news: The salary for the CEO and other costs of administration in Germany is paid by a generous private donor. This is assuring that your donation is doing what it is supposed to do: help the unfortunate and be utilized for educational projects in Jamaica to 100%!

On the following sub-pages you’ll find information about the structure of our organisation, our board of directors, the history of HELP Jamaica! and how it all started, as well as our primary goals, or the complete text of our charter.


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