Read about how it all began, what we achieved in the past and about HELP Jamaica! 2.0

During our frequent and sometimes long-term visits in Kingston we got to know many facets of Jamaica including the various struggles many Jamaicans are facing. The overwhelming poverty of a large part of the population, extremely high murder and crime rates, and the problem of widespread unemployment created in us the desire to support and build educational projects that provide free access to education. Encouraged by the positive response of the European reggae fraternity we founded our charity organization HELP Jamaica! in August 2008 in Berlin.

We started collecting funds to support education projects in needy areas in Kingston. Through the successful donation campaigns in Europe, we were encouraged to think about setting up our own education center.

Together with members of the community in Cassava Piece, which is characterized by unemployment, poverty, and a high rate of murder and crime, as it is in many poor areas in Jamaica, we began to develop initial plans for an education center.

Finally, international donation campaigns and the financial support of the German Embassy in Kingston enabled the construction of our first education center.

The “HELP Jamaica! Education Center” – now CEDEC – was opened in February 2011 and enjoyed great popularity right from the beginning, not only in Cassava Piece but also in the neighboring communities.
Originally the offer was aimed at children and young people. Over the years however, we have been able to steadily expand the program.

Soon, evening courses for adults as well as computer classes in a newly built classroom were added to the weekly schedule. In addition, HELP Jamaica! began to initiate another education project in a different region of Jamaica (Bushy Park), which gave young people the opportunity to prepare for exams to obtain their high school diploma (CXC).

With the start of the year 2017 the Education Center in Cassava Piece became independent and was handed over to the Jamaican board of directors for them to continue the work.

At the same time, we continue and intensify our cooperation with various social and non-profit initiatives to support them both financially as well as with our knowledge, experience and network.

Over the past few years, numerous supportive, creative and social organizations have been established in Jamaica that share our vision. Together with them, we want to improve the living conditions and the future perspectives on the island offering our help wherever it is needed.