Life Yard

Life Yard

Life Yard is located in Parade Gardens, which is an urban community situated in the South Central section of Kingston, Jamaica.

Life Yard is a collective that has transformed a strip of land into a small oasis consisting of sustainable farming and community development. It is a heaven in a tough neighborhood.

It was created in 2014 by a group of young and highly committed persons who joined together to form a driving force for positive change. Together and with the help of Paint Jamaica, they transformed an area at Fleet Street 41-44 into fertile farmland, built a small restaurant that supplies the community with affordable Ital Food from its own cultivation and created housing for volunteers.

Life Yard serves as an open, highly committed community center for all age groups. With a small budget, entirely voluntary and non-profit work, they accomplish a great deal!

They provide afternoon care for children, offer tutoring, lead tours through the community and host the Paint Jamaica Open Air Gallery for tourists, as well as movie nights amongst other things. They build furniture from wooden pallets and manage sustainable, organic cultivation of fruits and vegetables in the back of the site.

It´s work is totally selfless, without compromise. As a movement and a collective, Life Yard is an active community par excellence!

Furthermore, Life Yard has visionary leadership and humanitarian grassroots efforts in addressing peace, community and sustainability. Life Yard simply encompasses everything that is right about community development and humanitarian work.

Life Yard ensures that the young are provided with positive opportunities to experience their culture through academics, art and activities.

We see great value in the work of the Life Yard Team and their offerings and services to the community, as the positive change is highly visable!

We are happy to support the Life Yard and are looking forward to inspiring projects.


Below you’ll find selected news about our support and involvement at Life Yard.

Guiding Principles of the Life Yard Movement:

“Merge the energy, merge the earth”

“Eat what you grow” – plant healthy produce which can provide nutrition for the community which houses them.

“Use what you have” –Teach the community how to re-use and re-purpose, ideally to create new income streams.

“Clean up and beautify” – Teach the importance of keeping the communities clean. Create more aesthetically appealing environments.

“Expand your mind” – Provide tools that can support talent within some of Jamaica’s most underserved communities. Education through exposure to new ideas. We strive to connect formally trained artists, artisans, entrepreneurs, and business developers to move community-driven ideas, products and services to a marketable and sustainable scale.

Contact Information:
Life Yard
44 Fleet St, Kingston, Jamaica

Web: Website / Facebook / Instagram

Life Yard & Studio Dan along with our team of creative writers and storytellers presents . "Writing 4 Life" (8 weeks workshop) for ages 6-14 yrsGet involved #ParadeGardens (south side & telaviv) #CentralKingston Be The Change You Wish To See #onelove

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