Manifesto Jamaica

Manifesto Jamaica

Manifesto Jamaica is a youth-powered social enterprise, whose philosophy is:
to educate, expose and empower at-risk youth in various inner-city communities through art and culture.

Manifesto Jamaica is a non-profit, educational organization that leverages the arts and culture to help young people become the best version of themselves that they can imagine.

Founded in 2010, Manifesto Jamaica is working as an agent of positive change, designing and implementing multi-disciplinary arts, education and entrepreneurship programs. Manifesto JA’s mission is to develop and attract opportunities for young people that inspire creativity, productivity and elevated consciousness, by harnessing the talents of nation builders. Their projects encompass performing, visual, culinary, literary, spiritual and martial arts.

Manifesto Jamaica and HELP Jamaica! have a lot in common. We are both community-oriented NGOs, committed to empowering youth, facilitating growth opportunities and helping young people develop character.

Both organizations began doing projects in Jamaica around the same time in 2010. Manifesto Jamaica was our first partner and supporter when we opened the Education Center in Cassava Piece in 2011. Over the past seven years we never lost track, keeping the link while noticing successful work and positive progress with our respective projects.

The next step we took was inevitable. We as team HELP Jamaica! decided to support Manifesto Jamaica’s activities and projects on a regular basis. It felt good seeing each other making moves and having noticeable impacts in our respective communities. Now, we are coming full circle and joining forces again.

Starting with the ‘Vision Crafting Workshop’, HELP Jamaica will function as a funding partner for select Manifesto Jamaica initiatives in the areas of education, youth and community development. We also have plans to cooperate with Manifesto Jamaica on some bigger joint projects in the future!

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