Paint Jamaica

Paint Jamaica

Paint Jamaica was founded in July 2014 out of the idea that art can fuel positive social change.

For the first time in Jamaica, various creatives (painters, illustrators, photographers, videographers etc.) have teamed together to transform the visual landscape of downtown Kingston. The project has led to what has become the largest street art gallery in the Caribbean – on Fleet St – a marginalized area of downtown Kingston.

Paint Jamaica as a grassroots organization aims to transform downtown Kingston into a giant open air street art gallery, thereby contributing to the positive development of communities according to the Fleet Street model.

The former socially troubled area Community Parade Gardens on Fleet Street has since turned into a tourist attraction. More than 1000 enthusiastic visitors from over 40 different countries, in an area that in the past not even taxi drivers would drive to voluntarily, is a statement that speaks for itself.

The impact has been extremely positive on the local community; with their involvement, new skills are being transferred and individuals have been inspired to creatively express themselves. Between projects, Paint Jamaica has organized free yoga, BMX and capoeira sessions for the children in the community.

The mere act of changing the visual landscape has helped against crime and littering, setting the tone for a beautiful future for the volatile area.

Paint Jamaica’s dream is to cover the entire downtown area with art, bringing pride and positive vibes to as many Jamaicans as possible, providing new platforms for local artists to display their work and thus highlighting Jamaica’s rich creative potential and talent.

HELP Jamaica! downright supports this vision and is supportinge Paint Jamaica to conduct new projects in other communities.

More art, more love, more unity, more progress.

We started the support in 2016 with producing and selling our annual Charity Calendar with beautiful photos of the colorful and expressive street art, with 50 percent of the proceeds collected for Paint Jamaica.