Summer Program 2013 at the Education Center

This year’s Summer Program at the HELP Jamaica! Center was most exciting. Our programs included First Aid Training, Arts and Craft – including Basketry, Sewing, Jewelry Making, Gift Boxes, Bows and Tying of gift boxes, Balloon Craft, Flower Decorating, Sign Language, Yoga and much more.

Our Center at Cassava Piece was the place to relax and have fun. We had children from all areas, even from rural Jamaica visiting the Education Center daily to partake in the Summer Sessions!

Trip to Sport Games at ‘Mona Bowl’
On July 13, 2013 our first field trip with the children was to the CVSS Annual Games held at the ‘Mona Bowl’ UWI Campus in Kingston.  It was a wonderful day full of fun and competition, 44 excited kids entering one bus, ready to roll out…

Trip to Wynters Park & Farm
During the first phase of Summer School we accommodated 31 children to Wynters Park and Farm, Kitson Town, St Catherine, a popular park for children from all over Jamaica to enjoy different recreational activities. The children enjoyed the many slides, swings, bounce-about, see-saw, pony horse and tyre swings as well as the mini zoo and a great view from the mountain top. Great day for children as well as the team!

Three day history workshop
Thirty eight children and team members of the HELP Jamaica! Education Center enjoyed three amazing days of history workshops at the Center with drama, music, art, documentaries, dub poetry, discussions, with the theme being:  Jamaican national heroes, their struggles and tribulations, their visions and their missions!