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Team HELP Jamaica! wins 81 medals at CVSS Summer Games

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Each year since 2007, The Council of Voluntary Social Services (CVSS) hosts its Annual Summer Games for many children and young adults from across Jamaica. The games are unique as they involve both able-bodied and disabled young people (ages 10-25 years) competing together.

cvssgames The games focus on youth from over 20 at-risk inner-city communities like: Magestic Garden, Trench Town, Almond Town, Parade Garden etc. They are designed for individuals who often do not get a chance to compete in various sporting events, to unearth the talents of at-risk youth, help young people get in shape, develop a sense of team work, and meet and share experiences with peers from around the island.

These games are held in the spirit of fellowship, to enjoy competition and understand the diverse skills and talents of the Jamaican youth.

Last year we took ‘our’ children to a trip to visit the games as spectators, but this year we enrolled Team HELP Jamaica! to compete with the other children and youths on July 5, 2014 at Mona Bowl on the U.W.I Campus in Kingston.  An overall number of 1300 participants on behalf of Voluntary Community based organizations that work with youth competed in various events.  For many of these young people this is their only opportunity for an organized activity for the summer months. This year Help Jamaica! for the first time had 36 participants gaining 81 medals with a second place all over for the athletic event.

We were successful in the following categories:

morewinners Egg and Spoon Races – 2 Winners
Sack Race -  3 Winners
100 Meters – all events by age categories
200 Meters – Winners in All categories
400 Meters – First Place Boys
400 Meters – Second Place Girls
4 x 100 Winners in All categories – Boys and Girls
4 x 400 Relays – Boys – Winners
4 x 400 Relays – Girls – 2 Place
Netball Under 16 – Second Place

Congrats to our successful athletes!

The day after the event our team served pizza, chicken and drinks that all the children shared together in appreciation for the athletes efforts.

The majority of the children who ran, did so  without spikes, sneakers or shoes and would appreciate donations of inkind or funds to purchase same for the future. We definately going to be back  with Team HELP Jamaica! to compete in next years games again.

Impressions of CVSS Summer Games 2014



Crowdfunding Project for our ‘Summer School’ Program

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We set up a crowdfunding project on the popular website

It aims to secure that we care able to offer various workshops for the children within our ‘Summer School’ program during the holidays in Kingston. Just like we did in the previous two summers.

crowdfunding_indiegogo During the summer vacations there are not many opportunities for the children of inner city communities to take part in excursions and recreational activities due to lack of funds or options. In the last two years we therefore founded our ‘Summer School’ program where we offer possibilities for the children and youths to enjoy some exciting pursuits.

In the school term our focus is mainly on educational programs and homework tutoring, but during the summer holidays the emphasis is on handcraft, sports, fun and games as well as musical activities.

See all details about the project its aims and goals and the offered program we seek to finance on Indiegogo’s website.

If everybody gives a little we will be able to ensure that the children can spend a wonderful summer in our center.

Please make a donation and share this post. Any dollar helps!
Your support is very much appreciated!


Summerjam Festival donates 2482,- EUR

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summerjamposter2014 After this year staging of the 29th Summerjam Festival , the promoter donated the sum of 2482,- EUR towards HELP Jamaica! The money was collected at the festival guestlist.

Big up and thanks from the entire HELP Jamaica! crew to the production team and Contour Music as the promoter, for the great and continuous support over the years.

Your support very much appreciated and a great help in financing the daily operation of our Education Center.


Career Day 2014

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Each year in June, Jamaican schools celebrate Career Day, allowing children to wear uniforms of their different career choices.  Have a look at Jamaica’s future Nurses, Lawyers, Soldiers, Police Officers and Pilots.



Upcoming Charity Event in Heilbronn, Germany

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flyer_charityday On Sunday July 20th dedicated supporters from Heilbronn, Germany are setting up the ‘HELP Jamaica Charity Day’ at Hip Island Club (Beach Club).

It’s a day event  (2pm -10pm) with a great line up of artists such as Randy Valentine one of the most talented upcoming artists from the UK, Cali P the lyrical fiah, Conkarah – one of the most promising new artists from Kingston as well as the German newcomer of the year 2013 Miwata.

Musical back up and juggling by Luiggis Finest, Zapata Soundz, Yardstyle Sound and a surprise guest-sound soon t.b.a.

Check the Facebook event for updates.
All proceeds from the event will be donated to HELP Jamaica!


Great GSAT performances

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Congrats to all of our GSAT students, who passed their exam successfully!                Regular attendees of the Education Center achieved great results with exceptional passes and will now attend traditional High Schools like Ardenne, Merl Grove, Holy Childhood, Queens, Oberlin, Kingston College, Jamaica College and Calabar.


We are happy and proud of the regular attendees to our Center, who did so well!
Education For A Change!


New ‘Adult Literacy Program’

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On request from some of the parents and adults visiting the Center regularly, we have now started a daily “Adult Literacy Program” with focus on reading and writing.  These classes are held simultaneously with our computer classes held Mondays through Fridays.
Time to big-up our dedicated team once more!

We are now operating a 12 hour full scheduled program for all age-groups.  

Newspaper Reading Corner established

We have recently established a Newspaper Reading Corner, offering the Daily Gleaner and Daily Observer.  It enjoys great popularity as persons visit regularly to check for the latest news, and to view the job offers and employment opportunities. 

A great initiative by our team and a much appreciated addition for the community.



HELP Jamaica! being recognized and complimented for excellent work

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On May 14th we were visited by Mr. Hugh Cross, Chief Executive Director, together with Mr. Everold Simms, Project Director of the Universal Services Fund. They brought a Canadian consultant and five other persons from Papua New Guinea to observe our Computer Center and the work we are doing in this inner-city community.

hugh_cross They expressed “glad tidings” stating that our Center was exceptional, as the programs offered; as a non-profit organization was displaying exceptional work in encompassing the computer as a learning tool for this and other surrounding communities.

We are noted as one of the best organizations that received computers from the Universal Services Fund.

Big up Mrs. Virginia Chin (our CEO) and the rest of the team and all volunteer teachers who do an excellent job day by day accomplishing such successes! At this point we need to send a special big up to our team member and IT teacher Mr. Otto Mcleod for his dedicated and outstanding work at the Center.


See a collection of various approval writings we received from institutions, partnering organizations, schools, the police, community members and visitors of the Education Center to acknowledge our effective work accordingly to our motto: Education For A Change!


From nothing to something!


Reggae Geel Festival to support HELP Jamaica! in 2014 and beyond

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Besides our longtime partners Summerjam Festival and the Reggae Jam Festival which are supporting HELP Jamaica! for years now (Big Up!),

we are very happy to announce that the Belgium Reggae Geel Festival will support HELP Jamaica! from now on also!

Big up & thanks to the Reggae Geel Festival team not only for their generous donation of 1.500,- EUR, but also for giving us the opportunity to represent with a HELP Jamaica! info-booth on the festival ground.



Raising Awarness Part 2

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mikey_general_2 We want to express our gratitude towards our friends from the EDB Family who help us to encourage the children, and at the same time raise awareness for our work in Cassava Piece by visiting us regularly and bringing various artists to the Center.

On Wednesday May 14th recording artist Mikey General visited the Center to sing and interact with the children. The kids who were excited, gathered on the lawn to listen to some uplifting and encouraging words by the singer. It was a wonderful experience for the kids and a great afternoon. mikey_general_4


Just two weeks before Mikey General’s visit, artists and musicians Exile Di Brave, Kazam, and Dr. Althea Neblett visited the Center to share an afternoon with music and joy to foster creativity and unity. The children enjoyed both performances as well as explored the instruments themselves under professional supervision. It was a joyful jam session with everybody singing, jamming and playing different musical instruments on the front lawn of the Center.

 Exile Di Brave & Kazam at the Center


Check out this new song by Exile Di Brave and the wonderful video showing scenes from our Education Center in Cassava Piece! Give thanks for the support given by the EDB family!!!

Exile Di Brave – HUNGRY Official Music Video