Hillel Art Exhibition at the Education Center

For more than six months dedicated students from Hillel Academy in Kingston kept an weekly art class at the HELP Jamaica! Education Center in Cassava Piece. The creative and inspiring collaboration, originated by 17 year old Milan Cater, came to an outstanding end with an art exhibition held on Friday, June 1.

Cater and schoolmate Brooke Harrison carefully decorated the class room at the facility on Cassava Piece Road to display the art works, they had created within their class. Both parents and the young artists themselves enjoyed the presentation that will still be open to public until Tuesday, June 5. Feel free to come by and take a look at the drawings, paintings and art work yourself!

We want to thank the Hillel Academy students for their great voluntary commitment and are already looking forward to the next term, when they’ll continue their precious weekly classes: art class, guitar and singing class as well as the football class.