Jam-packed Orientation Day

Impressive CXC Examination results

First of all we have to big up all our Volunteer Teachers for their dedicated work at the Center, without them we could not offer our daily CXC preparation (Carribean Examinations Council) courses for students and adults!
It is only because of these dedicated persons and their tireless teaching efforts that we are able to congratulate 21 persons from our free CXC preparation courses who passed their CXC Examinations in 27 subjects (some did more than one subject!). WELL DONE!

Orientation Day 2015

On Monday September 7th we held our Orientation Day at the HELP Jamaica! Education Center in Cassava Piece for the new school term starting.

It was very well attended with people standing in all corners, as it is the chance to get enrolled in the different CXC preparation courses and the Basic Computer Training Courses (HEART certified).
The long lists of persons who whish to enroll in the different programs underline the high demand and importance of our free CXC program and the Computer Courses!