Black Fleet Market at Life Yard

On Sunday February 25th our friends at Life Yard organized the #BlackFleetMarket at Fleet Street in Downtown Kingston, Jamaica. It was a full day event in order to celebrate the ‘Robert Nesta Marley Humanitarian Award’ which was recently received by the Life Yard Team for their committed and positive work in the community.

Daytime was all about fun for the kids: music, bounce-about, football and lots of give-aways (books, pencils, crayons etc.). Invited partner institutions like the Youth Crime Watch of Jamaica – YCWJ and the St. Patrick’s Rangers showcased their work at info-tents and vendors offered handmade craft work and books. After sunset the more official part of the celebration started as everybody gathered in the yard for some short presentations and speeches by the awarded Life Yard team members. Videos from past events and collaborations just as the ‘Run Free Project’ with Manifesto|Jamaica were shown before the music took over and an open mic session completed this remarkable event.

Congratulations once more to the entire Life Yard team for the well deserved award! Keep up the magnificent work!