Video Production for Alpha

The March for Music Education Campaign

In February and while in Kingston, Team HELP Jamaica! supported the Alpha Institute by producing a short movie trailer for their latest donation campaign.

We organized Fabian Schmidt from Ring A Ting Productions, a professional film-maker, good friend and longtime supporter of HELP Jamaica! to volunteer his time & skills for filming and post production. We spent several days filming activities and classes as well as doing interviews on various locations with past students and teachers.

Behind the scenes pictures by Chris Wandel

Once again thanks to Fabian a.k.a. RiNG-A-TiNG for the great work. If you like the final video, please share it and feel free to leave a comment.

Campaign Goals:

The March for Music Education is a catalyst for music education and employment training at the Alpha Institute in Kingston, Jamaica. We engage musicians, record labels, management companies, and fans to support the Alpha Institute and its mission to develop the next generation of music makers coming out of the legendary school at 26 South Camp Road in Kingston. The March for Music Education Campaign seeks to fund 20 music student scholarships for returning and deserving Alpha music students during the 2019-2020 academic year.


Campaign Link:

To support the ‘March for Music Education’ campaign and help maintain the great work Alpha is doing, please visit: