Minifesto Event in Standpipe

Last year we financed four Minifesto Events from our longtime friends and partners from Manifesto Jamaica, a youth-powered social enterprise, whose philosophy is education, exposure and empowerment through art and culture.

MiniFestos are creative platforms for community building and cooperation. They pop up where community leaders, emerging talent, and Manifesto Jamaica’s network of social workers and creative professionals collide. MiniFestos feature curated introductory-level entrepreneurial and creative workshops, performances and exhibitions.

The MiniFesto workshop menu is designed to reinforce ‘21st century skills,’ and includes topics like: Creative Writing, Contemporary Dance, Parkour, Unlocking Talent and Business Basics for Social Innovators. Imagine a mini-festival featuring works of art and talent from your neighbourhood on showcase for a day.

The MiniFesto events were offered and organized by the Manifesto Jamaica Team & empowered and funded by HELP Jamaica!.

The Standpipe MiniFesto was staged on Saturday December 7, 2019 at the ‘Turf’, a sporting facility in the center of the community. All-day Art Studio activities & Storytelling for the younger ones, a West-African Drumming Workshop for all ages, a Talent-Showcase as well as a speaker series presented in a town hall-style discussion with artists Kabaka Pyramid (a founding member of Manifesto Jamaica) and Yasuf Afari. Topics reached from personal and professional development to personal hygiene (under resource-scarce conditions) and goal setting.

Following you’ll find pictures and a video recapturing the Day and various activities (all photos taken by Michael Witter).