Video about Screen Printing Workshops

Since the beginning of 2019 HELP Jamaica! e.V. is funding Screen Printing Workshops at the ALPHA Institute in Kingston, Jamaica. In this Video the Screen Printer Mr. Jameson explains why the Screen Printing Workshops are making sense and how they can help the youth not only to just learn a new skill but start a small business quite easy.

The Screen Printing Club:

● Creates regular opportunities for Alpha students to explore screen printing techniques and possibilities.
● Meets weekly.   ● Is open to all students.
● Screen Printing Technician demonstrates basic techniques for students to apply their ideas.
● Facilitates a forum to informally discuss creative arts, vocation, business, entrepreneurship, etc..
● Screen Printing Club is a communication exercise as members are encouraged to talk about their ideas and goals for their creative output.
● Includes access to mentorship and entrepreneurship advice from screen printing technician.