Giraffe Travels – for the good cause!

We are happy and grateful to announce another book launch with part of the proceeds going to HELP Jamaica!

Giraffe Travels (2nd Edition)

An adorable children’s story about one lonely giraffe searching for more of her kind – written by Michelle Bartley.

Giraffe feels lonely. 
There are lots of animals in the forest, but she can’t seem to find any more giraffes like her. She begins to wonder where they all are – and with the help of her good friend Mr. Mole, the pair embark on a journey to answer her question once and for all. Along the way, they meet a host of fascinating characters who help them along their journey…

The two Jamaicans, Children’s book author Michelle Bartley and Filmmaker Kashi Grobe, met in Berlin years ago and teamed up for a very good reason.

‘We both did all the things you do when you are young and living in an exciting city. Then, we had children, and this is when the realisation hit, we NEEDED books that represented our culture.

Yes, representation does matter, and it matters even more when you are an Expat. Giraffe Travels 2nd Edition, an illustrated picture book will relaunch on March 20th of this year and is suitablefor children ages 0-7 years of age. This is our journey, and we would love for you to come along with us on this self-discovering adventure’.

The Book is available in English and German.
Order your copy right from the author at:

For every 10 books sold over the website, the author and publisher will donate 4,54€ to HELP Jamaica! e.V. In addition they will donate 30 books to the organisation.

We want to thank Michelle and Kashi for their generous support and of course do hope that this lovely book is becoming a best-seller. You can help by sharing the news with your friends, or even purchasing the book!