Empress Circle Update

The Empress Circle in full swing!

Every Saturday, girls and young women from Parade Gardens and surrounding communities find a save haven with engaging activities inside Life Yard at Fleet Street in Downtown Kingston. The Empress Circle program seeks to change the trajectory of the lives of the young women, molding them into smarter, more independent versions of themselves. Learning skills and developing talents that can be translated into economic gain.

The Team makes sure there are guest speakers, workshops and various interesting activities on the program each week.

Focusing on topics like Emotional and mental wellness, Career Advice, Tutoring, Community Work, Creativity and Self Expression through Arts, Public Speaking, Sustainable Living; Farm to Table, Self Care/Self Esteem/Self Acceptance, Sexual Health, Economic Empowerment, Yoga/ Art/ Theatre/ Music / Culture

HELP Jamaica! is happy to fund and support such a great and very much needed program! The beautiful photos we are sharing with you (below), are from a jewellery workshop and showing upcoming artist Lila Ike encouraging the young women.